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Electrical Problems You Can and Can’t Fix Yourself

There are certain things that homeowners can fix by theirselves and save some money. However, not everything is intended for uncertified repairs and can even lead to serious injuries. One of those things is fixing electrical problems which can put your safety in danger if not done correctly. So here are electrical problems you could fix and the ones you definitely shouldn’t in order to avoid damage and harm.


Things you can fix:


1. Change a light bulb

Probably the easiest electrical problem is changing a light bulb. Basically, you unscrew the dead one and replace it with another. The only problem for most people here is if the light fixture is too high so they need to use a ladder or the bulb got stuck. However, one thing you should pay attention here is the strength of the bulb. Before replacing it, check the wattage of the socket and make sure the new bulb doesn’t go over the recommended maximum. Using more wattage than allowed may cause overheating, damage and even fire so make sure you respect this rule.


2. Changing the switch

Changing a light switch is something a person with basic electrical knowledge can do. Turn off the electricity to the switch and loosen the screws on the device in order to remove the mask and rewire new switch. Respect the rules of rewiring depending on the type of switch you are replacing by following manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember to always check if power is gone before you start replacing the switch no matter if you turned it off on the main switchboard already. Sometimes changing the switch is not so easy and may require advanced knowledge in electrical repair. If you don’t properly connect wires in the wall to the connectors on the switch, it may lead to overheating and fire.

3. Replacing a light fixture

It may seem like a complicated thing to do as a DIY project, but installing a new light fixture is a universal process. First make sure that the power is out, expose the wiring and release the wires from the fixture. Then replace the old fixture with new and connect the wires as recommended with adjusting the length of a new fixture in the end.

If you want to install a new fixture in a new place, you’ll need to call an electrician to ensure the job is done safely. Local electricians have the expertise to handle such installations efficiently. Videosammlung – doppelpentration


Things you definitely shouldn’t do:


1. Circuit repair

If your light flickers often there may be a problem with your circuit box. This is a serious problem which requires expert electrical services so don’t attempt it on your own. Electrocution can lead to serious injuries as well as death so it’s better to leave this complex repair to professionals.


2. Installing new wiring

Poor wiring in your home can cause electrical surges and thus damage appliances, power line and even cause fires. This is a common issue in old homes and you should check the wiring after you buy a home in order to fix it in time. However, installing new wiring is a job for the electrician and at no circumstances, you should do it by yourself.


3. Repairing appliances and equipment

Appliances and equipment use complex wiring, circuits and electronics which require in-depth knowledge for their repair. If you don’t do it correctly, the repaired unit can lead to various problems, and even cause electrical injuries and fatalities. Sometimes the smallest problem with an appliance, if not repaired correctly, can have serious consequences to human life and property.



Electrical problems should always be taken seriously in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. While some issues you can manage by yourself, there are those that you need to hire an electrician to fix. This way you will make sure that the job is done responsibly and without causing damage to human life and property.



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