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Why You Should Start Email Marketing for Your Mom Blog

As a mom blogger trying to run a business, having a growing email base is important. When starting a blog, the goal is to gain followers and most importantly, fans. Fans are those who continuously visit your site for information. Both can be gained through different social media networks can get you followers and engagement immediately that is needed for sponsored posts and campaigns. But what happens when you need to drive traffic to your blog post and make money off your affiliate links? Pairing the social media networks and email marketing together can help your mom blog thrive. This article will address why to start email marketing for your mom blog now.


Help you make money

The overall goal of starting a blog is to make extra money, right? Having a marketing strategy is key when wanting to make money for the effort that you are putting into your blog. By creating an email marketing strategy, you can make more money by setting up a plan. Find a website that you want to host your emails. Create a subscription box on your site for readers to sign-up to get notices from your site. Send out emails weekly to be consistent.  Make sure that what you are sending has affiliate links, click throughs to the specific location that you are trying to promote. This can help your increased exposure by getting in front of your fans.

Gets you in front of your audience

Secondly, by using an email marketing strategy, it gets your product directly in front of your audience. There are many times that your fans and unique visitors may not come to your blog on the day of an important announcement or sale. Using email marketing can help you get the message out directly. Remember, those who sign up for your email marketing are asking to hear more from you. These visitors are more likely to read, click and purchase because they have signed up for your email list.

Gain more traffic to your site and other social media sites

When you send emails to your lists, this is a great time to get your other social media sites involved. Each email template that you use has a footer on the email that gives you the chance to add in all your social media accounts. Leaving that on every email can give opportunities for your audience to click on it. Another way is if you have a sponsored post on Instagram or Facebook, you can send out the product picture along with the link to help gain exposure. The great part is that you can send both social media post and a blog post together in the same email to gain even more exposure.

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Promote important sponsored posts or affiliate links

Email marketing can help increase your traffic after sending out an email. When you are working with companies on sponsored posts, sending an email out that same day can help boost your traffic immediately. Do some research on the best times to send out an email during the day to get the most exposure.

10 a.m.: While late-morning send times were the most popular in general, several concluded that the best time to send emails is at 10 a.m. Another notable time is 11 a.m. 8 p.m.-midnight: I bet you didn’t expect that one. It looks like emails generally receive more opens and clicks later in the evening.

Once you have your email all set, adding in affiliate links can not only help your sponsored post traffic but increase your blogging revenue. This type of email marketing is extremely valuable during the holiday season, especially here. Including affiliate links around the holiday time in your emails can also bring in money to your blog.

What we recommend

Many bloggers will use Mailerlite or Mailchimp for their email marketing. But unless you are constant and on top of your email list, this can be very time consuming and forgotten easily. If you are serious about your business, we highly recommend Constant Contact for your email marketing strategy.

If looking for a great email marketing strategy, Constant Contact has a 60-day free trial just for you! There is a 2-month period where you can create your email list and test out all the features to make sure it is the right strategy for you. After your trial is over, their pricing is very affordable for mom bloggers, no matter the size of your website.


Constant Contact has a ton of great featured services provided for clients.  Being able to choose an email template, creating an even, add in surveys, looking for donations, sending out affiliate links and/or coupons, they have it all. Everything on the site is user friendly and they provide tracking and reporting to let you know how many people opened the email, clicked on items in the article and more. Having the ability to use all these tools can help you successfully use email marketing. Not all email marketing is easy to use and helpful. Constant Contact makes it easy to use and by being consistent, it will help you increase your monthly revenue! It’s time to Power Your Business with Email + Social Media Marketing !

Click here to sign up now!

Final thoughts

If you are serious about blogging and making money, then the next step is to begin an email marketing campaign with a reliable company. Easy to use templates and great quality emails are exactly what you need for the next step in your blogging career. Sign up now with Constant Contact for your 60 days free and get started now.

((This is a sponsored post. Please visit the disclaimer page for more information. ))

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  1. I am completely new to blogging, and had no idea about Email marketing, once my blog grows a little will surely try these out.

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