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Essential Oils For Your Body

Do you struggle with being able to sleep? Do you have a stressful day at work everyday and need help to calm down when you come home? There are many ways that I can think of to solve some of these problems, but are they helpful and long lasting? Usually not. Trying to find more holistic ways to deal with not being able to sleep and how to calm down after a stressful day, seemed like a better option.

Willow + Thorn has these amazing roll-on essential oils. Each one has a different meaning and meant for different body parts. When you are going to sleep, you are to roll the oil on your wrists.

Each roller is meant for a specific issue, sleep support, stress, and to help you stay healthy. I chose these three because I work in a school, sometimes I have a hard time sleeping and it’s also hard for me to de-stress at the end of the day.

I honestly love everything about oils. I was using them in my candles and waxes, the lavender scent, to make my house more calming and now I have these amazing roll on oils to help me stay healthy, be calm and sleep better.

It’s been two weeks of using my oils now and the specific locations on my body and I really do feel less stressed. The smell of the oils is just amazing. It fells like flowers to me. At night when I am wearing the sleepy oils, it almost puts you to sleep with its mesmerizing smell.

Another amazing way to use oils is in an oil defuser. This way the oils can be spread throughout your house and make it smell wonderful at the same time. Such a win!

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There are also other oils that you can use around your house or in your food, click here to see more!

If you are interested in joining a beginners class about oils, please email me and I will get you set up.


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