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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Event Planner

This is a niche profession that involves working with people and for people. Event planners host events such as parties, meetings, conferences, weddings, and various types of get-togethers. An event planner will work with a client to understand their event requirements, fulfill these requirements, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Is event planning a career choice? You can be assured an exciting career ahead of you. Here’s what to know about becoming an event planner.

Beginning to end:

To begin, being an event planner means you organize every aspect of the event – from the conception of the idea to ensuring the event takes place without a hitch. Scouting for a location, service bid, and contract management, including negotiating agreements for facilities with vendors and suppliers, are part of the job.


Décor and entertainment:

Secondly, the job also requires that the event planner oversees the décor – including light and sound equipment, as well as setting up electronic communication for the event. The event planner also researches and finds appropriate entertainment and makes transportation arrangements as well.


Follow-up activities:

Another important aspect of being an event planner is the follow-up. Once the event arrangements have been made, the event manager must conduct follow-up activities on a day-to-day basis and coordinate all the aspects of the event.  The event manager is also expected to create budgets that project event expenses.


Insurance for event planners

There is no doubt that event management involves risks. As an event planner, you will take risks with vendors and suppliers. While most events run smoothly from start to finish, somewhere along the way, things may go wrong. A caterer could provide unhealthy food, the flowers you ordered might not be fresh, or the sound system could fail.

Insurance is very necessary for the events industry. Unhappy clients could end up suing you and your firm on the grounds of negligence, failure to deliver, bad advice, inaccuracy, and for several other reasons that they deem good enough. This will lead to expensive settlements, lawyer’s fees, court fees, and more.

Professional liability insurance can protect you from scandals.  It will also help with costly litigation by taking care of expenses related to settlements, lawyer fees, and judgment costs. There is always the risk of accidents occurring at events. Clients can sue you or your company on the grounds of negligence. General liability insurance can protect you from accident cases.

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What is required to become an event planner

If you are planning on becoming an event planner, you must possess certain skills related to the different aspects of the job. Here are some skills you need for a successful career as an event planner:

-An understanding of events: This is one of the basic requirements for anyone working in the events industry.
-Dedication to the client: Excellent customer service skills is a must. You must be able to pull off even the most bizarre requirements if your client asks for it.
-Unending creativity: Hosts expect their events to be unique and exciting, as well as successful. What works for one client may not work for another. You must be creative enough to make every event unique and special.
-Resilience and adaptability: One of the basic truths of the event industry is that things are bound to go wrong.


Skills you need

Another important thing is that you will need problem solving skills. While it is a must to take failure in your stride, you must also have the ability to solve problems. Other skills required include communication and interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and social media skills. Basic technical skills in the use of project management software and the ability to handle video conferencing equipment are a bonus.

Another skill set is organizational skills. Organizing an entire event from beginning to end is no mean feat and requires exceptionally exceeding organizational skills. Finally, networking skills is a must. The industry is people and relationship-based. You must be able to create a large and diverse network of people associated with different areas of the events industry.

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Qualifications required to start a career as an event manager

  • A Bachelor’s degree in one of the following is a must:
  • Hospitality – some hospitality programs offer event planning as a subject.
  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Business


Courses on event management

Special voluntary certification courses that hone your event management skills are available. Associate’s degree and certificate programs on event planning are available as well. Specialized diplomas and advanced diplomas in event management are offered by several institutes. However, some event management firms strictly require their employees to possess MBAs and have good PR skills.


Experience required

In addition to relevant qualifications, most event planning organizations will also require that you have a few years of experience as an event planner. If you do not possess a degree, it is mandatory to have at least two years of experience in the events industry. Subjects/concepts that are included in event management courses:

  • Public relations and promotions
  • Financial management
  • Catering and hospitality management
  • Food service management
  • Tourism
  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Meeting management
  • Contract management



Final thoughts

Finally, the job of an event planner is exciting. Yes, there are risks involved, but at the end of the day, the service you do makes people happy. With the right qualifications and experience, you can jump head-on into the events industry and make a success of it. The need for event planners is growing and will continue to grow over the next several years, and you will be accepted into it.


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