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Excellent Resources To Develop Your Remote Career in 2023

The post-pandemic work environment means good news for work-at-home parents. Indeed, as companies were forced to adjust and digitize their processes in 2020, many now struggle to get their teams back in the office. Ultimately, one good thing happened thanks to the pandemic: Remote career arrangements have become mainstream!

Countless employees in every industry sector would prefer to stay at home. They find the home office more productive and less prone to unnecessary disruptions than business premises. Additionally, the home office setting enables parents to cut down costs on childcare, commuting, and lunch boxes. Plus, being at home maintains a healthy work/life balance.

Yet, while remote positions are becoming more popular, they offer fewer growth opportunities. Therefore, if you pursue a remote career at home, you want to find educational resources, training, and self-promotional strategies to boost your career potential.


Targeting in-demand post-pandemic roles

Accountants face a challenging time, helping countless businesses manage and track governmental grants, funding, and other money aid received during the pandemic. Additionally, they can also identify areas that are not profitable anymore to help the company recover in the post-pandemic economy.

In other words, your financial skills are in demand, so now’s the best time to improve them. You can find a huge variety of accountant courses and certifications online to diversify your skillset. Blockchain certification, for instance, needs to figure on top of your to-do list if you wish to work with innovative companies. It is likely to become a major part of the financial journey of sectors encouraging digital payments.

However, if you consider switching to a completely new sector, the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies provides dedicated courses for oil and gas accountants. As the energy sector is starting an environmental revolution, it can be an exciting opportunity for a certified expert. Thankfully, the COPAS keeps flexibility in mind for their course schedule; you can learn more about their live webinars on their website.

Accounting is only one area that has grown tremendously, thanks to the pandemic. The demand for IT skills is also on the rise, especially cybersecurity, to support the recent digital transformation. Digital marketing roles are also in demand as many companies have newly developed a digital front.

Considering an online degree to access new roles

You may not be willing to go back to university at this stage in your career, and however, more often than not, the right degree can unlock new opportunities. Some of the best online degrees you can pursue to encourage a job promotion and a pay rise in the office include business administration, computer science, finance, and organizational psychology.

Business administration can help you step into a managerial and leadership role, including CEO. Typically, individuals who should pursue business administration bachelor’s and master’s degrees have a deep interest in how a business operates.

Computer science degrees are best suited to individuals who already work in programming or data analysis. You can improve your skills to move through the ranks.

Finance degrees are designed to help you pursue your financial and accounting involvement within a business. An accountant could train and become a financial advisor or a financial manager, increasing their responsibilities and wages.

Finally, organizational psychology degrees focus on incorporating psychology within business processes and structures. The role is designed to improve productivity, team bonding, and overall workplace culture. The degree can come as an addition to an existing HR role or a consulting career.

Boosting your career with your own resources

When there are no online courses available for your skills, you need to make sure you can stay visible in your sector. Your LinkedIn profile is the first stop on your self-promoting journey. Your choice of photos, background and profile, can say a lot about you. You can use the background photo to showcase your achievements in your area of expertise.

The profile photo needs to grab attention, showing your most recent self in an appropriate environment. Future employers prefer recent photos that do not relate to your current company. Finally, your headline is the first thing people are going to notice. Rather than focusing on your job title, it should accurately describe your skills, services, and aspirations.

If you have a blog, it is also a fantastic idea to utilize your online presence as a way of standing out from the crowd and establishing your expertise. Promoting your blog is no easy task. But you can rely on a strict SEO strategy to target your audience’s needs and tackle valuable keywords in your sector. While SEO is an organic activity, it can take some time to show positive results. Don’t give up, though! In the meantime, you can make your content more engaging with video, email marketing, and even an online community.

Are you ready to bring your remote career to the next level? Whether you choose to focus on roles in-demand or build a promotion path with specialist degrees, chances are you can still benefit from an updated online presence.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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