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The Featured Mommy: The Mama Editorial Blog

  1. Describe yourself and  your blog.


My name is Tori and I write The Mama Editorial blog. I’m a Tennessee girl, a new mama, a teacher, and a hot mess.

I’m wife to Logan and mama to our 10 month old baby Shepard.

I recently started The Mama Editorial for real-life girls. I got really tired of reading blog after blog and not being able to afford the lifestyles that LiketoKnow and Pinterest make us want to have- thus, The Mama Editorial is born! On the blog, I want to be a source for cheap-chic in a world of people living to “keep up with the Kardashians”. I also wanted to build a community of mamas that can celebrate our shortcomings and build each other up! So there you will find my Old Navy fashion finds, TJ Maxx house hacks, and what I’m finding you actually need to raise a little human.


  1. What is the best moment you have had as a mom?


The best moments that I experience as a mom have to be every night at bed time. I love getting snuggle with my little boy, Shepard (10 months). We have our little routine and as I pray over him and read stories with him, I am so quickly reminded of two things: that these moments won’t be here for long + how much Jesus loves us! It really gets me emotional, y’all!


  1. Advice you can give to other moms?


My advice would be don’t beat yourself up. In the first couple of days that I had Shep, I really wanted to breast feed. Long story short, my milk wouldn’t come in and baby wouldn’t latch. But you know what? IT WAS OKAY! Shepard is growing, healthy, smart, and sweet. Just because I gave him formula didn’t make me a bad mom!


  1. What is the scariest part about being a mom?


The scariest thing about being a mom, to me, is when Shep gets hurt. It’s inevitable, they are going to fall, they are going to bleed. But for some reason, I just totally and utterly lose my cool. I freak out and cry just as hard as he does. Maybe I’ll get over that, hopefully.


  1. Tell us a story about motherhood.


Motherhood is so wonderful from the inside. While I was pregnant, I had a really hard time attaching myself emotionally to the thought that I was going to have a baby. I’ll never forget the night before Shepard was born. My emotions were running high and my face was so swollen. I couldn’t imagine how I would love this baby as I needed to (or how I would love him more than my puppies… Can you believe that? HA!) we went to the hospital at three in the morning and I was shaking like a leaf. We had the best nurses! Jesus, Logan, and Dr. Black kept me calm and comfortable. We waited and waited for 15 hours and then it was finally time. All of a sudden, this woman that wasn’t attached, couldn’t hold back the tears as I heard that baby cry. I watched Logan hold Shep and it immediately made everything make sense for me. THIS is why I was created.


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