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Describe yourself and your blog

Hey there! I’m Angelica but almost everyone calls me Angie. Either one is cool with me! I’m a mother of a two year old energetic, and beautiful little girl. I’m a stay at home mom and blogger. I run thepeacheepear.com where I share healthy recipes from baby purees, toddler food to family entrees and everything in between. I also share my experiences as a parent and all things #momlife. Previous to staying home full time with my daughter I was working as an analyst for a bank’s anti-money laundering department. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University and have my Associate’s in Business Administration and Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. I hope to inspire other moms to lead a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. I also hope to help all moms in making their everyday lives a little easier.

What is the best moment you have had as a mom?

There have been so many amazing moments I’ve had as a mom but one that resonates with me is something that happens on Christmas Eve. Emma got to open a gift early from a friend of mine that she had left at my house. It was an Elena doll (her favorite) and as she saw what it was she looked at me with excitement and gave me a hug. It was her way of expressing her gratitude (she thought the gift was from me). It was a great moment for me because I could tell I’m raising my daughter to be grateful for the things that she gets rather than feeling entitled.

Advice you can give to other moms.

Enjoy all the moments from every day little things to big milestones. It goes by really really fast so soak in all the moments you have with your precious babies. I know everyone says the same thing and every mom gets told how fast it goes. But trust me, it goes by super fast. Faster than you can imagine!

What is the scariest part about being a mom?

The scariest part for me is for something to happen to me that would cause my daughter to grow without a mom. We have a very special bond and she’s very attached to me. I wouldn’t want anything to come in between that and for my daughter to have to grow up without her mom by her side.

Tell us a story about motherhood:

The first time my daughter ever got sick was when she was about 4-5 months old. She was in her swing and I heard her crying so went to check on her and she was drenched in vomit. I took her out and noticed she was covered in diarrhea as well. I quickly laid her on the couch to try to clean her up but she kept throwing up and made a choking sound. I had to pick her up again and diarrhea kept coming out! I couldn’t lay her because of the throwing up or hold her up because of the diarrhea! I had to run to the bathroom with her and took her clothes and diaper off wrapped her with a towel and sat on the toilet with her while I called the doctor and my husband. The doctor gave me directions on what to do and my husband went to the pharmacy to pick up some pedialyte which is what the doctor recommended. When my husband got home the whole path between our living room to our bathroom was covered with vomit and diarrhea. I was still sitting on the toilet with my daughter wrapped in a towel and crying. My husband helped get her and myself clean. He then cleaned the house too. Thankfully the vomiting and diarrhea had slowed down a lot. She refused to take the pedialyte and just breastfed the rest of the night. Her doctor saw her the next morning. It was the first really scary moment and all I did was hold my baby and cry. I was so scared something was really wrong but the doctor assured me she was fine. I was so thankful for my daughter’s doctor and husband for being there through this crazy scenario! Eventually we realized it was all caused to her teething!

Anything else you want to add?

Cherish all the moments in motherhood! The good, bad, messy, scary, happy! They’re all special and amazing memories!

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