Why Financial Education is Important in Elementary Classrooms

Teaching is never an easy job, especially when there are limited resources available there for you in your school building. If you are lucky to be in a great district that provides you with curriculum in all subjects as well as other life skills such as social and emotional learning, art, and financial education. These type of curriculums seem to be overlooked in the shadows of Reading and Math.

Finding addition resources to teacher in the classroom, especially life skills it not easy to find. There are always bits and pieces of items that you have to buy all separate. I have been looking for a structured small group math center to put into my classroom for 3rd grade and I recently found Money Munchkids. They provide a home bundle that has workbooks and the money set for kids to use. I have started implementing it into my small group rotations. Not only are you able to buy this whole curriculum together, but it has all the bits and pieces together in the bundle! So instead of making many tiny purchases, you are making one purchase that covers all the materials and you don’t have to print any of them! They come in a beautiful colorful book.

money munchkins

Money Munchkids Home Bundle Activity Pack for Small Groups 

  • K-3 Curriculum program
  • Inputted into small groups for kids to work together in math rotations
  • Students are learning how to manage their money skill at a young age
  • There are 2 activity books that come with the package per student
  • In the curriculum, they learn how to barter, what income is, how to manage funds, expenses, needs vs wants, budgeting, credit cards, banks, compromise, supply and demand, investing and charity
  • It meets all types of learning skills across the board
  • The materials are super easy to teach for the teacher
  • The materials are super easy to follow along for the student


money munchkins

At Home Bundles for Parents

Not only can this curriculum be used in the classroom for small groups in math, but it can also be used in at home for parents too.  This is a great curriculum because you are adding in life skills that children will be taking away throughout their entire lives. These skills can help them when they are trying to get a job or earn money and save money. The earlier children learn how to manage money, the better they will become throughout their life with managing money. If they never learn, money will be their worst habit. This home bundle focuses on fun activities for children to practice their math skills at home while dealing with money. They want to make sure that children are learning it and not forgetting the skills and the more they practice, the easier it will for them to remember it.


money munchkins

How to use as small group rotations in class

Because I lack resources in my classroom, I have to go out and find my own.  When finding the Money Munchkids home bundle, I decided to bring it into my classroom in small group rotations. I have found that my students really like doing it together in their small group with their math partners. This way they get a chance to play with the money, put it in the bank and then talk with their group on how to solve the problems in the book. My students here are going through the problems together, using their problem solving and social skills to complete the work.


money munchkins

The Why

Education and money management should go hand  in hand. Forever in your life will you need a skill teaching you how to manage money. This curriculum is just the beginning of the learning and it is a great place for students to start. The curriculums is engaging, fun, and they are working together using tons of different skills along the way. Think you might need this in your classroom? Request information and take a look more in depth to see what it can do to help your students. Start with some free resources today.

Where Can You Learn More?

Money Munchkids Website





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