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What it’s Like at the First Christmas as a Mommy

by TWL Working Mom
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My favorite holiday has always been Christmas.


I always looked forward to the family coming together.  I enjoy going ice skating and drinking hot chocolate even though since I live in Florida the weather is probably hot & humid.  Christmas as a mom means making things memorable for them.


Christmas as a mom just has a greater feeling over all.   I always loved going shopping and getting outfits for all the different types of Christmas activities & parties.  As a mom shopping can get even more hectic and now you’re worrying about outfits for your little one as well.  Christmas is no longer about you or your wants but about making it a special time for your baby.


You make it more special by spending more time with them and doing all these different activities.  For us this has included watching Christmas movies, going to see Santa, going to see “local snow”, going to see Christmas lights, and even a local snow festival. You want to make lots of memories with your children for them to look back on.


I took Giselle to get a nice Christmas photo shoot at Jcpenney and made Christmas cards out of those pictures. You want to make it as special as our parents made it for us. If you’re like me, you find yourself getting the baby all these gifts that the baby probably won’t be amused with until later on. Haha.


As a single mother who works hard each day, this Christmas have been so fulfilling. I am surrounded by so much love and joy these holidays and definitely am making the most out of my baby’ first Christmas.  It really is a time to just soak everything in.  It’s also a time to reflect and just be thankful.

About the Author

I am Mayra & I am a 28 year old, full time working, single, first time mommy! My baby Giselle is 4 months old and has been my biggest blessing.  I love being a mother and feel very passionate about doing my best at being a mom.


I had an amazing natural birth and have been successful at breastfeeding.  I can’t help but be proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and feel grateful of how blessed we have been!  When I’m not too busy being a mommy I enjoy traveling, eating at different places, and pampering myself.


My blog is www.giselleymama.com

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