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Fitness Fashion: How to Find A Balance Between the Two

Jogging early in the morning, when it’s still cold enough to see your breath, do you really care what you look like? Up to a degree you do. You want to look kept let’s say, it’s not like you’d be okay with just your nightgown on. Yet, you know you’re not really trying to be a runway model either. Fitness fashion has taken off and has become one of the biggest markets in just a short space of time. Maybe since the turn of this decade, fitness fashion has become a way for designers and brands to make people look good while they pump some iron or break a sweat on the treadmill.

Consequently, you can see that some brands of clothing styles might take it too far in the fashion direction. Something that looks good on you, isn’t always practical or even designed for the fitness world. If a piece of gym clothing is more aesthetic than it is for practical use, then it’s not going to perform its primary function which then allows you to get the best kind of workout. So how could you find a balance with regards to this new fitness fashion fad?



Joggers aren’t for jogging

As you might have seen in most clothing stores, this new pair of trouser style is taking every city and state by storm. Think of normal sweatpants, and now make it a little slimmer so that it hugs your body. Now use a slightly thicker material and elastic waist and the bottom of the legs. Hey presto, you have what is now called the jogger trousers.

They take influence from older style running trousers that were sweatpants themselves. However they weren’t practical for running as they didn’t use a stretchy material and nor did they breathe properly. Thus, they inhibited movement and caused you to sweat more making them stick to your legs and become uncomfortable. Joggers tick all these boxes too, which is why despite their name joggers aren’t for jogging in.


The real running item

So you might be wondering, if you can’t wear joggers to run and look good then what can you? Leggings are quite popular with many women but even they aren’t truly practical. Usually they are made of a material that isn’t made for outdoor running and can rip easily. Instead you need the real running clothing which is thermal training leggings.

Women’s leggings by themselves are for fashion and also comes with a material that helps you retain body heat and give you a full range of movement because its elastic yet strong fibers will help you achieve the best workout. Hopefully you will have sidestepped an embarrassing scenario whereby you are wearing fashionable leggings and try to do stretches. This can cause them to tear, while the training trousers are designed to be stretched to extreme angles.



Be smart, don’t be sorry

Sneakers are not trainers even though they look quite similar. They’re much like other clothing items from the fitness world, have been adopted into the fashion scene as something to wear casually. However, sneakers look flat, and have padding that is often seen in trainers. Did you know they weren’t made for running or even light jogging?

You could end up twisting your ankle and hurting yourself because they don’t support your weight as you run. If a brand has labelled sneakers as running shoes, it might give cause to a good personal injury lawyer to win you some kind of damages in compensation. At least that would help you pay your medical bills. But you can avoid this by just buying trainers instead and perhaps only buying sneakers for fashion sense. Trainers are much more durable and designed to help you land evenly on your feet as you are jogging on uneven surfaces.


Find a balance

Instead of finding items that are more stylish than practical, you can try to make your fitness clothing more fashionable. Many companies in the fitness world provide this by allowing customers to personalize their workout clothes. Anything from training bras to trainers can be customized on most brand websites if you shop online. Nike trainers are the most well known for this as you can literally print your own patterns, for an extra charge of course.


Get ahead

Buying workout clothes that are designed from the ground up to be worn as part of a fashion style may end up hurting you if you wear them for stringent exercising. Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of fitness clothing and the fashionable clothing that tries to mimic the former so you can avoid making a false buy.



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