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I am currently freelance writing for other blogs and companies related to motherhood, lifestyle, fitness, health, wellness, etc. Below are all of the websites that I am freelancing for. Please make sure to show them some love and check out all my articles. You can find my over here:



Mama and Peaches

Mama and Peaches

10 Reasons Why A Mama and Peaches Box is the Best Gift for Pregnant and New Moms

iPads and Babies

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Kids

Tips for Working Moms: How to Balance Work and Kids!

Kid Friendly Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Top 10 Organic Baby Product Must Have’s

5 Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

Top 5 Baby Weaning Foods

10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

10 Ways to Jump Start Losing Weight as a New Mommy

7 Ways to Make Bath Time a Fun Activity with Your Toddler

5 Reasons Why Bath Time is a Bonding Time for Mother and Baby

5 Fun Mocktail Ideas for a Baby Shower

Breaking the Myths – 5 Reasons to Have Sex During Pregnancy

5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for a Trip With Baby

10 Best Bedtime Stories to Read with Baby


Well Festivals

10 Facts You Need to Know about Soul Circus

Why Moms Should Attend Wellness Festivals

10 Workout Options for Moms

What You Need to Know about Paleo f(x)

Wanderlust: What You Need to Know

5 Tips to Maintaining Your Physical Health in Winter

Telluride Yoga Festival: The Basics 

5 Nutrition Tips for Athletic Women Who Work Out



The Army Wife Network

Meet Jennifer! 

5 Tips for Dealing with PCSing Away from Family and Friends





Northwest Military Wives Foundation 

What it Means to be a Military Spouse 

7 Tips to Keeping Your Career as a Military Wife




The Cnnekt




How New Parents Celebrate Valentine’s Day

10 Steps to Making Mom Friends




Society 19


Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Moms



Ink and Voices


Ink & Voices

Becoming a Parent

Losing Friends When You Become a Mom

Month in Love

Why Just Being a Mom Makes You a Super Mom

Expectations From a Mom Versus a Dad

Sucky Friends: What To Do About Them




The Wonder Forest

Wonder Forest

How to Start Increasing Your Traffic With Pinterest

How to Hit Your Blogging Stride as a Mom


After Divorce Support

10 Ways to Help Support a Friend Through Divorce

7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Image During Divorce

13 Ways to Help Children Cope with Divorce



Guest Blog Posts & Mentions:

Benefits of Educational Games

Why Shopping Online is the Way to Go for Moms

5 Adorable Boy Winter Pajamas Sets

9 Awesome Mommy Blogs to Follow in 2018

Why New Mommies Need Newborn Props for Newborn Photographs

Advice for Working Moms from Working Moms

Run the Edge: 4 Awesome Ambassadors

How to Create a Birthday Party on a Budget

Getting to Know Blogger Teach Workout Love

Guest Post: How Being a Mom and Military Spouse Changed My Life

5 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Children is Bonding 

5 Reasons Why Moms Use Props for Newborn Photo Shoots

Mommy and Me Party Outfits

Finding Time to Workout



Liebster Award

Top Military Wife Blogs

Facebook Groups & Pages I Manage

Teach.Workout.Love – My blog Facebook page.

Mom Friends Hangout– A group for moms friends, by moms. – Keeping military families together even when they are oceans apart with their personalized bear.

Milso’s & Moms– A group for military spouses and moms




Top Military Spouse Blog Award



Top Mommy Army Wife Blogs






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Healthy Moms Magazine Blog Directory

I am accepting other freelance writing gigs, please feel free to email if you are interested.