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We are in the depths of winter and we are enjoying the snow everywhere right now. The one thing we’re not quite enjoying is the level of cold we are all feeling, but to distract ourselves from that we could be looking at our homes and giving them an overhaul piece by piece. It’s always fun to refresh your spaces because it makes them feel new and with a new year approaching rapidly you should take a look at your living room and figure out how much you could do to upgrade and change the space.

It’s super easy to get bored with the decor and want to switch it up, and it’s even easier to want to switch around all of the furniture so that things look different. It can cost a lot of money to upgrade, but things such as carpet & upholstery cleaning don’t have to cost too much money, and neither does moving the furniture around! The point is you should be able to enjoy your living room exactly the way that you want, and with a new year here are some suggestions for a new lounge.

Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Room

  • Move around your furniture. Sometimes all you need is a moment of movement to change things in your lounge. This is your space to relax, so if your TV is not in the right place, then you need to move it! Open up the space and use furniture as a wall to separate the lounge and give yourself segments to live in. It’s a great way to upgrade the living room space and freshen it up! You wouldn’t believe how things can change just by moving your furniture around!

  • Add color. Sometimes, just the addition of flowers makes all the difference to your living room space. Either flowers or cushions, in bold and beautiful colors, can do the job for you. You can switch up the flowers by the season or the time of year – poinsettias at Christmas, for example – and it’ll make a great difference in your lounge.

  • Swap out your throw pillows and rugs. You should think about how switching out your throw pillows and rugs can change the way your lounge feels. You can play around with pillows and textures, and you can make a big difference to your space. You can – again – change it with the seasons, or you can choose to upgrade the ones you have entirely.

  • Change your coffee table and cabinet décor. From vases of flowers and ornaments to books and lamps, the trinkets and things you have on your surfaces can stand to be swapped around from time to time. An upgrade doesn’t have to take long and you can then bring things out that you think you’ve hidden for a while. All of the work that you do for your surfaces can be refreshed in an instant!

Take a chance in your living room and make a point of doing this regularly to keep it open and vibrant!

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