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Full Body Boxing EMOM Workouts For Busy Moms!

Day after day time seems to get away from us busy moms which is why this 25-minute full-body boxing workout is perfect. Boxing alone has so many benefits but EMOM workouts will keep you moving and grooving to get the job done. Not every workout can tone, strengthen, and work on your cardio, but this one will! Before we get into the workout itself we will go over what EMOM workouts actually are and why they are great for busy moms! Let’s jump into this full-body workout inspired by boxing and fighter training methods to gain strength and lose weight. 

What Is an EMOM Workouts?

Short for Every Minute On the Minute. EMOM is a great workout regardless of whether you are a boxing pro or just beginning your fitness journey. This is a motivating interval workout where you will strive to complete a number of reps of one specific exercise for 60 seconds. 

The fun part is your rest will depend on whatever left of the 60 seconds you have after hitting your goal number of reps. As time goes on this gets a lot harder. EMOM can also be considered a type of HIIT workout or High-Intensity Interval workout. 

These workouts have tons of benefits specifically when paired with boxing movements. 

  • Builds Endurance – By not having any breaks in between the exercises and pushing yourself to get your goal number of reps, you increase your cardiovascular muscles and build up endurance. 
  • Boosts Metabolism – These workouts are GREAT for metabolism as they not only get it going for the workout but can last for hours after as well! 
  • Strengthens/Tones Muscles – By doing strength exercises like pushups, squats, pulls, and more, you get to actually tone and strengthen your muscles instead of just working on cardio. 
  • Full-Body Workout –  We can’t always commit to working out so often that we can separate our workouts into specific areas of the body. That’s why this workout is great because it hits every area and is an all-for-one kind of deal. 
  • Weight Loss – This is a calorie torcher! Be prepared to sweat and lose weight with an EMOM boxing workout. You almost never slow down and your heart rate can really get going with these exercises 

boxing with friends

The Workout

As mentioned this will be a 25-minute non-stop workout. This workout is going to challenge you one step further by giving NO REST in between exercises. This is a go, go, go workout which means you will constantly need to fight to hit your goal number of reps to take the remainder of the minute to rest. You will transition directly from one exercise to the next! 

Your goal number of reps should be hard. Really push yourself. However, if you can’t hit that number in the first minute, you will need to adjust because it will increase in difficulty as time passes. 

Let’s Start!

Here is the block of exercises you have. You will start with Number 1, complete your first five minutes, and move on to Number 2. After moving down the list until  Number 4, and you have reached the 20-minute mark or four times through. 

If you are short on time that’s OK! You can still get in a full-body workout by starting with Exercise Number 5 (the five-minute video) and then doing Exercise Number 2: EMOM Squats!

Exercise 1: EMOM Push Ups (Any Variation) 1 Minute: 5 Times

Not everyone can do a proper push-up and bad form can lead to injury so if you need to put your knees down on the floor this is OK! If you are looking for more of a challenge you can change your hand stance by widening or shortening the space between them. 

Exercise 2:  EMOM Squats 1 Minute: 5 times

You will want to make sure that your knees don’t bend over your ankle and that you are able to keep your chest up when squatting. If this is too difficult for you, you can actually take a chair, lower yourself to the chair, and push back up. You can also tap your butt to the chair if that is too easy. 

Exercise 3: EMOM Leg Raises 1 Minute: 5 Times

This is for your core! Make sure to lay flat on your back and raise your legs up to the sky and slowly lower them back down. If this is too difficult you can slide your hands underneath your butt to provide back support and prevent you from arching your back. 

Exercise 4: EMOM Pull-Ups or Dumbbell Row 1 Minute: 5 Times

Depending on what you have access to, choose between a pull-up or a dumbbell row. Remember for pull up the palms face towards you and not away from you. For dumbbell rows, you want to make sure you aren’t twisting and only pulling your elbow back to your hip in a nice stable motion. 

Now you will repeat these four exercises in a row till the 20-minute mark or in other words just four times through. 

Exercise 5: Shadow Boxing Circuit: 5 Minutes

Let’s go into a little detail about it in this video and what it is. 

If you can use 1-5 lb dumbbells to add resistance. If you don’t have weights things like soup cans and water bottles can be a replacement. 

full body boxing for busy women emom workouts

You will do 30 seconds ON WITH THE WEIGHTS and 30 seconds OFF WITHOUT THE WEIGHTS. No rest. 

  • The first 30 seconds is WITHOUT weights. You will be shadow punching in a wide stance moving around slightly because this mimics the actual movement in the ring. Increase your speed to get your sweat up and work on your boxing punching speed. 
  • Now you will do the same thing WITH the weights for 30 seconds. Keep your speed going while also slightly transitioning your feet and position to change the direction you are punching in. 
  • You will repeat the exercises with and without weight for 30 seconds until your time is up and the 5-minute mark has been reached. While it is best not to quit on the exercise if you do get tired you can throw in some uppercuts. Try not to do any repeat jabs because this slows down the speed-work and burn of the quick-punching. 

You Made It!

You are probably tired and feeling really great that you were able to get through that tough 25-minute workout. The benefits will last not only during those 25 minutes but beyond the workout as EMOM increases your metabolism for hours after a workout! 

If you have a few extra minutes on your hands it’s always a good idea to cool down. You can do this by doing some light walking followed by some stretches so your muscles aren’t too sore. Stretching out the arms and the legs will prevent any lactic acid build-up later on!

Now that you crushed a 25-minute full-body boxing workout, it’s time to get on with your busy day! 

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