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Great Gift Ideas For the Fitness Lovers in Your Life

We all know THAT one person. The one who drinks green juice every morning, goes for a run at 5am and practices yoga on the daily… and often this person will be super hard to buy for come the Christmas period. When traditional gifts include wine and chocolate and you are buying for someone who doesn’t have either, what can you buy them which they will use and love? Well, here are some simple gift ideas for you.




If you have a friends who has recently got into fitness and enjoys spending time running each and every day a Fitbit could be the ideal gift for them. You can get 2018 savings on FitBits during the best few weeks before December hits and your friend or family member will be able to track steps, calories, heart rate and even their sleeping pattern to stay as healthy as they can.




If you want a simple gift which any fitness person will appreciate no matter whether they are runners or they play squash: trainers are always best. Find out their shoe size or maybe even take them shopping with you and see the kinds of stuff they like before you make a decision and buy a pair for them. It’s something they will get use out of every day.


FitStar Yoga Membership

This one is a little more focused and it only really applies to people who want to try their hand at yoga or people who practice yoga every week. FitStar Yoga is an app which offers lots of yoga sessions to suit anyone from a beginner to an expert and it has a range of sessions from 15 minutes to an hour. You can buy a year subscription for £30 for unlimited sessions and it is a lot more cost effective than paying for a yoga class.


Yoga Mat

If you know that your friend or family who enjoys working out at home rather than at the gym, a yoga mat is the ideal gift because it gives them the perfect surface to lie on or stand in as they do their daily exercise. They can be very cheap to buy too so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money!


Tough Mudder Application

If you had a friend who is into fitness and you enjoy it too, a great idea would be to sign up for a fitness run or a special event together to have a laugh and enjoy yourselves one day in the summer. Tough Mudder for example is a course of obstacles which take place over 10 miles and each obstacle is covered in mud, water and dirt. It’s a super challenging run but it can be really fun!


Smoothie Maker

For those who like to be in the kitchen a lot, making a healthy breakfast to take to work will be a big challenge for your fitness loving friend and this can be a task every morning for them to get a nutritious meal before they leave for the day. However with a smoothie maker they will have breakfast ready in seconds and you’ll honestly be giving them a gift they can use every single day.



It might sound crazy… and a little bit boring, but Tupperware can be the best gift you can get for your friend or family member if they are into fitness because Tupperware can be used for meal prepping. Meal prepping is a great way for people to stay on track with their diet and ensure they are eating the right things each week and the more Tupperware they have, the better it is!


Sports Clothes

It is always hard to buy clothes for someone other than yourself because we all have different tastes and it can be difficult for us to nail down that person’s style. However what you can always do if you want to buy a friend or family member some fitness gear is take them out on the premise of you looking for yourself, and then you can read their opinions and see what kind of things they like and don’t like in the store. This will make things a lot easier for you and you can then spend your money in the right place on items which you know that they will like. This is an ideal gift for anyone in fitness because the more clothes they have the easier it is to go to the gym each day and do their workouts.




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  1. These are great ideas for the fitness buff! I don’t work out as much as I should but I do love work out clothes and Tupperware! Makes meal prep so much easier!

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