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11 Essential Health Items Working Moms Should Pack to Travel

A vacation gives you a break from your daily routine. As a working mom, Nothing makes you unwind a like trip away from home and your work. While it’s time for you to relax and rejuvenate your body, traveling comes with some health risks. You also have to be careful not to gain weight because away from home it’s easy to eat anything that comes your way.

In a foreign country, you will want to sample their cuisine, and most of the foods are likely to contain plenty of calories. Travel broadens your mental horizons and adds zest to life, so it worth saving for a vacation every year.

Whether you are going for a long vacation or a small picnic, every mom should carry these 11 health essential items to enjoy a healthy vacation:


Prescription Medications

When packing for a trip, every mom should pack a sufficient quantity of regular medications. Being away from home does not warrant you to skip any prescription medicine. Put them in the hand luggage, but in their original safe packing with your name written on them. You can also have a list of the medications written somewhere so that if they get lost, you can buy others.

Have Your Travel Insurance Coverage

You should not leave your policy identity card and the claim form behind when traveling. Check and confirm whether you are covered for sudden illness or an accident abroad. If your insurance provider does offer this coverage, buy supplemental insurance that will cater for such expenses.

However, even when your insurance offers such coverage, you can get more coverage for medical evacuation. It can cost more than $10,000 to get flown back to the US in case you need urgent medical care back home.

First-Aid Kit

Some minor injuries or illnesses can ruin your well-planned vacation. So, as a responsible mom, you should pack a first aid kit with different medications. They should include analgesics for headaches, premenstrual pains, muscle ache, and toothaches. You must also have anti-diarrheal medications and solutions for rehydration; being away from home, it is easy to get loose bowel movements due to change of diet.

You never know what allergy triggers you will come across, so be armed with antihistamines. They come in handy as a treatment for minor skin irritations, insect bites, and minor sunburns. These medications do not require a prescription to access, but you can seek professional advice from your doctor before you buy.

Lastly, but not least, the first aid kit should contain antiseptic agents, adhesive bandages, gauze and tape, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, small scissors, a thermometer and a disinfectant for the hands.

Pack All the Important Documents

Your vacation can come to a sudden halt if one of your important documents is missing. In addition to your passport, you need other documents such as an immunization record and proof of insurance coverage.

Beauty Products

While being on vacation is fun and exciting, remember you also need to look beautiful. Pack your beauty products and some natural oils such as coconut. This will keep your skin looking good and smooth especially when used at night.

You may also need sunscreen and a deep skin moisturizer depending on your vacation destination. A hair spray will come in handy and a lip balm; all these will help you maintain good looks regardless of the country or state you choose to visit.

Aleavia Skin Care

Energy and Nutrients Supplements

When traveling, finding vegetables and fruits is rare. So get green supplements with good taste and those that can blend with water quickly. They should be rich in probiotics and fiber to ease digestion. You can also use green tea which helps in getting rid of toxins in the body.

Indian Ginseng

Indian ginseng is also known as ashwagandha and helps to relieve stress that comes with traveling. It is available in pill and powder form making it possible to travel with it. You can buy from your local natural health products retailer.

Carry Some Water

Traveling exposes you to different types of climates. Since the best time to travel is during summer, you need to have enough water with you. Start by taking your water while on the plane and add some vitamin C in powder form to keep you nourished. Meeting new people is part of a trip, but it exposes you to health risks since some of them may be sick. Be safe and adequately nourished.

Essential Oils

Carry essential oils such as citronella, thyme, and peppermint. You can add these oils in water and spray on your skin. But, start with a test patch to ensure that you are allergic to the oil. They will help you relax and sleep well in the new location.

Intro Essential Oil Kit


Healthy snacks

When on vacation, you will come across unhealthy snacks and foods. Make a point of buying healthy snacks for on the go. Eat throughout the day to avoid temptations to eat baked meals and high sugar foods, which are easy to access.

Even though tasting foreign cuisine is fun, be mindful of the snacks you eat. Despite having plenty of mouthwatering snacks, do not eat any that has empty calories. Eat fruits and avoid snacks all together as much as possible. You do not want to gain weight just because you went on a vacation.

Photo by Ashley K Little from Pexels

Comfortable Nightwear

Sleep deprivation during a vacation is unhealthy. It can make you look tired and in some people leads to weight gain. Pack comfy nightwear to help you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

The more time you spend walking around at night, the more you are likely to feel hungry. Sleep restriction increases levels of hunger hormones in the body ultimately cause an additional intake of calories.

Also, inadequate sleep is linked to slow metabolism. Failing to have a proper rest alters circadian rhythm, the biological clock, which regulates different bodily functions.


Are you planning a trip? Travelers face different illnesses and unhealthy situations. So, Every mom should pack various things and be ready with a solution for every problem you are likely to encounter. The above are some of the essentials recommended for you, but there is much more.

Research about your vacation spot and see what you are likely to need. Hampton’s luxury hotels and other vacation accommodations offer safe and comfortable places to spend your days, but you still need to pack your items for a better experience.

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