Holiday Hideaway: Hidden Gems For Your Vacation

Most working adults spend most of their time in a year at work. Day in and day out, everyone is preoccupied with their own to-do lists. Whether you’re deciding to visit your family and hometown or traveling to see the following holiday hideaway, it’s essential to unplug to gain the full experience of a real vacation.

Deciding on where to go for a vacation could be a grueling one. It’s not just selecting the location because there are other things to decide on after that. Choose the wrong place, and you might not get that rest that you badly needed. Choose the right one, and you’ll have one of the most unforgettable trips of your life.

Are you still deciding where to go on your next holiday trip? We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s least-visited locations that will surely give you the change of pace that you’re looking for.


Kerala, India

Exploring the State of Kerala, India is like hitting the lottery jackpot. Located in the southern part of the Indian Peninsula, Kerala. This place offers travelers its majestic mountains, showcase of diverse cultures, and  its calming backwaters.

Visit the mountain town of Munnar to explore its landscape or just enjoy the mountain view from the comfort of your hotel room. Go on a sensation filled experience when you explore the town’s tea plantation and museum, spice shops, or even take up a cooking class with award-winning cookbook author, Nimi Sunilkumar, at her home.

If you’re one to soak up a place’s culture while traveling, be sure to see Cochin, where you could explore this cultural melting pot of a town. Get to see old religious buildings, the embroideries made at Jew town, or see a Kerala Kathakali presentation at the town’s cultural center.

After exploring the mountains and the busy town all day, you could relax at one of the many lakeside resorts for a change of pace. Rent out a luxurious houseboat for a few hours or a few days to gain the full experience of Kerala’s backwaters.



Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu, China

Traveling to China is often associated with taking in the country’s culture. Especially if you’re just planning to visit the big cities. But with its vast land area, China has so many underrated locations tucked away in its other provinces where you could experience both culture and painting-Esque views.

The water town of Zhouzhuang in China’s Jiangsu province is definitely one location that you should explore. Old houses in the town are well-preserved that looking at them will take you back to the olden days of China. This holiday hideaway is known as the Venice of China.

Aside from its Old China vibe, travelers could also look forward to the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, which is celebrated from September to October. You should also see the local’s creativity. Be mesmerized with the bright floating lanterns floating through the town – truly, a perfect holiday hideaway!

zhouzhuang holiday hideaway


Timor Leste

Timor Leste doesn’t instantly come to mind when you think of a vacation spot. The former Portuguese colony gained its independence in 2002 and is now slowly emerging as a welcome spot for travelers.

Found at the end of the Coral Triangle, travelers can explore its vibrant coral reefs and its beautiful beaches.Take a tour of the country’s capital of Dili.

Aside from visiting the Motael Church and the Dili Cathedral, you could buy local crafts from the Tais market. The Tais market is just a few minutes’ walk away from the Motael Church.

You could also learn the Timor Leste’s fascinating history of resistance at the Archives and Museum of East Timorese Resistance.

View one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets at the famous Cristo Rei statue. The Cristo Rei is the second largest Jesus statue in the world. It is located at one of the most scenic views in the country. Before you take that beautiful photo at Cristo Rei, be sure to allot some time to hike up to the statue, which takes up about 20 minutes.

Adrenaline and fitness junkies come to Timor Leste and test their limits. The Tour de Timor is a 5-day mountain bike stage race. It takes bikers through the lavish wilderness and remote villages. The tour is said to be both a grueling and rewarding experience.







Asmara, Eritrea

Located in the northeast part of the continent, Eritrea offers travelers its rich seas, diverse culture, and traditional cuisine. However, getting around in between the country’s cities is challenging because you will need different permits for each one.

You may explore the capital city of Asmara, which offers quite a few sites for travelers. Enthusiasts of modernist architecture consider Asmara a place of pilgrimage. This is because of its well-preserved buildings from the Italian occupation in World War II and earlier.

Visit historic buildings like The Opera House, Cinema Impero, and the Fiat Tagliero Building. Take a quick break and stop by Da Fortuna Gelato Italiano for a scoop of their freshest gelato. After all, a perfect holiday hideaway won’t be complete without a refreshing treat.

holiday hideaway gems


This Eastern European country offers more than just its vast vineyards and 5,000-year culture of winemaking.

It is formerly part of the Soviet Union. Travelers can dive into its rich history by visiting the old Chisinau State Circus which was built in 1981. The circus hosted 57 performances a year in its heyday. It was only in 2014 that the Moldovan Ministry of Culture started the restoration of the abandoned Circul. Although restoration is still ongoing, it could still host 300 people at the smaller venue built inside the building.

The Milestii Mici in Chisinau houses the Golden Collection, the country’s pride and joy. This wine collection is a Guinness-certified record holder. Visitors can come to explore the wine tunnels and do wine tasting and appetizers in its tasting rooms.

History enthusiasts might enjoy looking at the artifacts housed at the Bendery Military Museum located in the city of Bender. You can find rare Soviet militaria displayed in three consecutive carriages of a decommissioned Soviet steam train. Visitors could also explore the grand ticket hall of the non-functioning train station to admire the socialist-realist architecture of the time.

Also, If you’ve read Antoine Saint-de-Exupery’s Little Prince as a kid, then Moldova has a hidden treat for you. Located by the lake in Valea Morilor Park, the tiny statue of the Little Prince standing on his home planet asteroid of B-612 is among the fence posts. It is about four inches tall statue.  Make sure not to miss it!

wine country hidden gems for holiday travel


The holiday season will give us opportunities to refresh our minds and bodies. For some, this might mean getting the much-deserved rest. For others, it is making use of every opportunity to experience something new.

In which of these holiday hideaway are you planning to go on your next holiday vacation? What are the things you are looking forward to on the trip? Let us know in the comment section below.


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