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What if someone told you that the paint colors on the walls of your apartment are controlling you, would you believe it? It probably would be the craziest thing you ever heard, right? Fortunately, this is very true. Color impacts how we feel and how we function in our environments. With interior home painting you can easily change your mood and make yourself feel better. In the end, our surroundings impact us as much as the colors that we choose to have around us.

No, not in the horror movie sense of some supernatural force controlling your actions, but close enough. Have you ever wondered why you feel the way you do whenever you step into a house (including yours), a public building like a shopping mall, bank or hotel lobby, or a classroom? Have you noticed that your choice of color for personal space and items could reflect your predominant mood? Here’s a research paper explaining the correlation between color hues and psychological modes called – the Wright Theory.

The psychology behind the influence of different colors on the human mind is vast and beyond the scope of this post. There is even a field of psychology dedicated to the study of how color (hues) determine our behavior and affect us as humans – color psychology. The evidence of the effect of colors on us can be proven both scientifically and empirically. And so, it is important to have this in mind while choosing paint colors for your home, office, shop, school, etc.

When you thoroughly understand how color affects your mood and behavior, you might begin to think about how you can deliberately create the mood you want. Yes, you can. Do you want to create the feeling of excitement in your home? Do you want to create the feeling of strength, calm, and dependability in your office? Or do you want to create a neutral environment? All these, and more, are possible with the right colors. Not sure what hues you need to evoke a desired mood? Go to sites like elkhornpainting.com/highlands-ranch-painters and let experts help you choose the right one.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?



The Color Red

This should not be mistaken for crimson as it often is. Red is a very active color and is very effective if you want to raise the energy of the room or space. Have you noticed that many clubs and lounges have their walls painted in red colors? This is because red tends to pull people together and ignites conversations. It is also very good for hotel rooms if you want to create a rich, romantic ambience especially with dim lighting.


The Color Blue

Blue has the opposite effect that red has on people. While red increases blood pressure and respiration blue lowers blood pressure and induces calmness and clarity. Bright blue hues like turquoise and cerulean creates a relaxing ambience. These hues are suitable for counseling offices or hospital wards. Click here to see inspiring color ideas for home offices. Darker hues of blue can promote a sense of sadness or depression and should only be used sparingly.


The Color Yellow

Yellow is a beautiful and uplifting color that mimics sunshine. It can create the feeling of cheerfulness and joy which makes it suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Yellow has a welcoming aura and would be great for entrances and small halls. However, yellow can have the opposite effects when used excessively. It can induce anxiety, frustration, and even anger.


The Color Green

This is the color of the wild. Green mimics the outdoors and can create the same effect as when one walks through lush vegetation. Green, just like blue, has a relaxing, warm, and peace aura and promotes togetherness and composure. The mind associates the color green with prosperity or progress (traffic light, anyone?) and so would go well in an office decor.


The Color Purple

Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. You can use it to create an air of sophistication or to evoke inspiration and creativity. Depending on your business type and if you are daring enough, you can use it in your office décor. It would go well in a music studio. Lighter hues of this color including lilac and lavender have a calming and relaxing effecting.

The Color Orange

Orange is a very emotional color. It creates a feeling of excitement and inspires you to be active. Orange is an excellent choice for gym and fitness space décor as it evokes the mood needed to go through workout sessions. This color also triggers appetite (not surprising that the orange fruit does the same), and can be used in cafes, eateries/restaurants, and kitchens. However, you may not use it in your kitchen if you are trying to eat healthy.


The Color Pink

Pink is a sweet and attractive color. It has long been associated with the feminine gender but the truth is anyone can use pink. It is soft on the eyes and evokes the feeling of friendliness, playfulness, and love. Pink can ease feelings of depression, neglect, and anger. It is suitable for children (babies) rooms or play areas.


The Neutral Colors

They use neutral colors such black, brown, gray, and white, to even things out. They help to create a contrast and tone down the glaring effects of other high-flying colors. Using just one color everywhere can make your décor look monotonous and boring. Adding neutral colors give you the ability to create contrasts good for the look and feel of the main colors.

Note that these are only general effects based on common hues of these colors. A different hue of the same color would have a different (and sometimes opposite) effect than what you intend to create. And so you should do a little more empirical research to find what exact hue is most suitable to create the effect you want.


Final Thoughts


This article is not meant to constrain your choice of colors for your décor because picking colors is a personal thing. Just know that you have the power to create the mood you want by choosing appropriate colors. Your favorite color might not be suitable in all situations and may not have the effect you want to create. Let this post be a guide to help you take charge of your space using the power of colors and if you can’t decide on what to do, call the experts and they’ll be more than happy to assist you!


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