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How Much Sleep Do Children Need (Plus Sleeping Tips for Moms)

In order to support their rapid mental and physical development babies, children, and teens need significantly more sleep than adults. While most parents understand that growing children need good, quality ZZZ’s, it can be difficult to know just how many hours of sleep do children need?


Why is sleep important for children

One of the reasons that it’s so hard to know when our kids are not getting the amount of sleep that they need is that tired children don’t necessarily slow down the same way that we do. In fact, when children are tired they tend to wind up. They may even act as if they are not tired. Kids might become hyper and resisting bedtime as the evening goes on. While it may seem like your child is not ready for bed, these can actually be signs that your child may be overtired.

Sleep needs will adjust as your child grows from a newborn into their teenage years. Gradually, the overall amount of hours needed for sleep will naturally decrease as well. As parents, understanding the sleep cycles and patterns of our youngsters will help us optimize their overall quality of sleep and make bedtime much easier.

Check out the helpful infographic below for how much sleep do children need as well as tips to optimize your child’s sleep throughout each age group. Also, make sure to read an in-depth guide on ideal mattresses for teens . If your children are younger, I would suggest ongoing over the Top Rated Kid (Youth) Beds For 2018, that way you will know exactly what to look for. Besides that, you should be all set!

how much sleep do children need chart [ infographic] - teachworkoutlove.com

Sleep isn’t just important for children, it’s important for us parents too. If you’ve never had a period of bad sleep before then you might be shocked at just how much sleep deprivation can affect your life. New parents often say that they didn’t believe it would be as bad as it is.

It can take your little ones, especially babies, a while to settle into a regular routine which makes getting the sleep that you need difficult. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

4 easy sleeping tips for better night’s sleep

1. Establish a bedtime routine. Our bodies follow a natural circadian rhythm meaning that sleep is a physiological process to some extent. Sticking to a nightly routine will create consistency, ultimately telling your body it’s time to go to sleep.

2. Take time to wind down before bed. Read a book, listen to gentle music, try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.

3. Create a comfortable sleep environment is one of the easy sleeping tips. Make sure your room is dark, keep your room at a comfortable temperature, and make sure you have the proper sleep essentials. Soft and supportive pillows are essential for a good night’s rest. Be sure to invest in ones that provide the comfort you need to enhance your nighty ZZZ’s.

4. Avoid using electronics at least one hour before bed. The blue light that’s emitted from these devices can delay the release of melatonin (the sleep hormone). it can also increase alertness, and reset the body’s internal clock to a later schedule.

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