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How To Balance Curves with a Breast Augmentation & BBL

Having great curves may not come naturally to some women, and even for those that have them, there are several things that may change your curves for the worse. Because of that, many women may look to surgery to balance their curves.

This is true regardless of what kind of body type you have; Age and other factors can have a major impact on your body shape as time goes on. However, there are several body contouring options available to balance your curves.



Breast Augmentation

This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many women, and it’s easy to see why. One of the most popular reasons is that it can help improve self-esteem for most women who undergo the surgery. Depending on exactly what kind of shape you’re looking for, your surgeon can customize your breast augmentation surgery for you.


This includes whether patients would prefer to use implants or their own tissue to augment their breasts and a host of other aspects of the procedure. With that in mind, there can be a load of benefits to having breast augmentation, both major and minor.

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Benefits of Breast Augmentation

There are a vast number of benefits to breast augmentation, with balancing your curves as one of the biggest, on top of helping with self-esteem. One major reason that many women opt for this is that it can add volume and curvature to the breasts. An experienced surgeon can do this with either naturally small breasts, or ones that have become less curvy because of pregnancy, age or any other reason.

Generally, implants mainly affect the volume of the top of the breast. In contrast, augmentation adds volume and shape to the entire breast. This makes them feel and look more voluptuous and feminine. Another major benefit is that it can even out asymmetrical breasts, whether they were naturally asymmetrical or if it was because of any kind of surgery, such as a mastectomy.

Speaking of a mastectomy, an augmentation will rebuild your breasts after the operation. Breast cancer can be an emotionally and physically difficult disease, but the likes of breast augmentation can often help women move on with their lives once they’ve beaten the disease.

There’s also the fact that most women have breasts that are naturally asymmetrical. While this may not be a problem for most, it can be noticeable for many women. Because of that, many women may find it difficult to purchase bras that fit properly, due to the difference in size between each breast.

However, breast augmentation will fix that. Patients will even be able to decide on several aspects of the surgery, such as cup size, shape and volume. Once successfully completed, purchasing bras and swimming suits will be a lot easier, as both breasts will now be the same size. Evenly matched breasts are easier to purchase many clothing items for. This can end up making your shopping life a lot less difficult.


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian butt lifts are quickly becoming a major trend in the cosmetic surgery world. However, that doesn’t mean that you should confuse a BBL with a more standard butt lift. This is because there are several differences between the two.

With a typical butt lift, silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks and then shaped and lifted. This ends up providing the results that many women are looking for. In contrast, while a Brazilian butt lift can provide the same results, it uses fat from other parts of your body instead of silicone. This provides a more natural look and feel to the final result.


Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

On top of providing a more natural feel to the enhancement, a Brazilian butt lift can provide many benefits. One of these is balancing and improving your bodies curves, especially when coupled with a breast augmentation.


This is true when compared to a butt lift, and even more true when compared to any natural alternatives to improving your curves, such as excessive exercise. Because it uses fat that’s already in your body, a BBL is a lot safer than more traditional butt lifts. There’s also the fact that fat gets taken and inserted using needles and injections. This means it’s a lot less invasive than other methods and leaves hardly any scarring.


It also means that, because a BBL removes fat from other body parts like your back and sides, it can help give you a slimmer physique. This will also help to further enhance your curves; If you’re looking for better and more balanced curves, who wouldn’t want slimmer sides and butt with more volume and shape?


The fact your doctor will use natural fat from your body also means that there’s less of a risk of developing an infection or many other side effects. It also means that there’s no risk of an implant bursting or breaking at any point after they have inserted it into your buttocks.


The surgeon will remove the fat from your back, thighs, and abdomen. As it’s removed evenly from each of these places, you’ll notice a somewhat slimmer appearance in each. This is even more obvious when the curvier butt with added volume.


Final thoughts

Between a BBL and breast augmentation, many women will see more balanced curves and a better figure. Between both of them, many patients will choose exactly how curvy their body will be. The plastic surgery associates at Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami have extensive experience in providing high-quality breast augmentations and BBL to countless women across Miami & South Florida. Call or visit us today to find out how they can help you.



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