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How To Choose a Fitness Bike for Working Out

Physical exercises should be included in the plan of each person’s day. They affect not only the appearance, but also health and well-being. Exercises shape the figure, improve circulation and condition, and above all increase the level of endorphins that cause satisfaction.  Not everyone, however, has time to use gym or fitness services, so more and more people are choosing to do exercises at home that can be done at any time. For anyone who wants to lead an active lifestyle, you can recommend training bikes on which you can practice reading a book or watching TV. In order to be able to take full advantage of all the advantages of this equipment, you should familiarize yourself with its various models and the specificity of training on a cycling bike. Life fitness bike helps to get more knowledge about fitness and its equipments.


Types of exercise bikes

Among the trainer bicycles available on the market, also known as stationary fitness bikes, you can distinguish:

  • horizontal bicycles
  • vertical bicycles
  • spinning bikes
  • lying bicycles

The models mentioned above differ primarily in the way you sit on them. As the name suggests, a vertical bicycle is practiced in an upright position, on a horizontal bike in an inclined position, and on a bike called a lying one, a very comfortable reclining position is assumed. The lying bicycles have special backrests and the pedals are placed in the front of the device.

Another category includes spinning bikes. They are professional devices designed for cycling training. Such bikes allow for regular intensive training.


What is important when choosing a bike?

Buying a training bike should be well thought out and choose a model that will serve you long and, above all, conveniently. Therefore, when buying this equipment, check carefully that it will meet all expectations.

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It is very important that the exercise bike has the ability to adjust individual elements. This applies to the height of the saddle, the angle of the steering wheel, the adjustment of the length of the frame or straps on the pedals . This has a significant impact on the position you take when cycling. Comfort depends on the comfortable position and satisfaction with the equipment.



Another important issue is resistance in the bike. It depends on him how intense will our training, or what strength the user puts into exercise. The produced models may have resistance:

  1. mechanical
  2. magnetic
  3. electromagnetic

Traditional models have mechanical resistance . Quiet and more precise is of course a bike with magnetic resistance , and the model with electromagnetic resistance is the most modern option. The type of resistance and the ability to adjust its level allows you to adjust the type and intensity of training to your own needs. If you want to be sure of precise settings and the ability to precisely adjust the resistance, it is best to choose a model with magnetic resistance.



Another computer training equipment is a very important element of the exercise bike equipment. This device may have different functions depending on the model. Before you buy a training bike, familiarize yourself with the functions of the computer. Typically, these include pointing:

  • the time of the whole training
  • the number of kilometers traveled
  • the amount of calories burned
  • the speed with which you ride your bike

In addition to the functions listed, computers may also have other, additional options specific to the manufacturer’s models. If you are buying a training bike, we are aiming for intensive training and burning of fat tissue, it is worth choosing a model that will have a computer with the option of measuring the heart rate. Some models have the option of setting the upper heartbeat limit. Once it has been achieved, the bike’s mechanism will automatically reduce the resistance, so that our training will become intense, so that the heart’s pulse returns to normal.

For more modern and technologically advanced options, the option of adipose tissue measurement should certainly be used. The sensors and sensors that are responsible for the measurement are located in the bicycle handles.

Professional training bikes have options for setting up different training programs. Thanks to this you can easily and quickly adjust the type and time of training to your needs. All you need to do is select the right program and the bike computer will set all the parameters automatically.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

What else to look for?

  • choosing a training bike should pay attention to its load capacity, i.e. the maximum weight load
  • does the bike have transport wheels to facilitate the movement of the device
  • whether the bike has self-leveling pedals, i.e. non-twisting while driving – this is an additional option, however, facilitating the use of the device
  • whether the device is equipped with supports to ensure the stability of the bicycle
Additional features on the bike

Depending on how much we can spend on the purchase of a training bike, we can choose a model with additional functions that facilitate and make the use of the device easier. These include:

  1. a bottle holder, thanks to which we have easy access to water during training, without having to stop driving
  2. a stand for a book or newspaper
  3. plug for connecting a computer
  4. input on an MP3 player
  5. speakers that allow music to be played
  6. power meter pedals to measure power output and performance


A stationary bike is a very popular form of training. As you can see the choice of models is large and before you buy the equipment you should think about the purpose of the bike. The most important thing when buying a fitness bike is choosing the position that you take during the exercise. Another important issue is the choice of resistance in the bike, preferably if the device allows several or even several levels of resistance, it will allow different types of training.

Then it is worth considering the options available in the fitness bike computer. Of course, the most important will be heart rate measurement, but training programs are also important – it makes the use of the device much easier. Additional features available on selected models can facilitate and make the training more attractive, but when choosing a device equipped with various gadgets, you should be aware of its higher price.



If we have doubts and do not know which model will be the most suitable for us. It is best to consult an adviser in the store or with a fitness trainer.  Of course, the convenience of using the device is very important, so if you do not have much to do with such equipment. It is worth going to the nearest gym, which provides training bikes.  A few training’s on such equipment will surely convince us whether we are interested in buying a bike for your home.  If we can practice on different types of bicycles, that is on vertical, horizontal or spinning fitness bikes it is worth using this option.

This will facilitate the selection of the appropriate model. The most important thing is that we feel good on the bike. The position adopted during the exercises should be convenient, so that the training is not only useful but also pleasant. Your own exercise bike is a great idea for all busy people who do not have time to look after their fitness and health. Models available on the market will allow everyone to choose the right fitness bike for them.


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