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How To Optimize Your Protein Shakes Better When Exercising

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When starting along the path for your fitness goals, there are adjustments that need to be made in your diet and exercise. Finding a protein shake or meal replacement is the first step in a fitness plan because that takes away one meal we need to eat. The downside of that is trying to find a protein shake or meal replacement that doesn’t hurt your stomach.  Eating too many processed foods can wreak havoc on your stomach. This is usually the biggest issue with pre-made protein shakes and meal replacements, that they upset stomachs. We have found that when using products that contain ProHydrolase, it really changes the way that the body digests and reduces digestive discomfort. This article will share about the benefits of this ingredient that you need and how it can turn around your fitness plan.



What am I doing wrong?

Girl, you aren’t doing anything wrong! That’s the thing. You have followed your fitness plan, eaten the right foods, drank the right drinks, and you are back to where you started 3 months ago but with less money. Many times we sign up for these fitness/workout programs because we have heard that a friend of a friend had success. Other people are showing their success on Instagram and Facebook and you think, why not? I can do that!

Then come to find out, it doesn’t do a thing for your body because of the ingredients in the drinks or processed meals. This happens often with online fitness programs that come with the food and shakes. After changing your fitness plan drastically and only consuming the processed foods in a program, your stomach might have some issues and you might result with more bloat. And depending on the products, those issues might continue the entire time of the diet.

Unfortunately, this is often the case but we ignore it because inevitably, we want it to work. However, with ProHydrolase, there so many products that you can choose from to fit your fitness needs. Whether you are looking to turn your fat into muscle, you work out a lot and need an after-workout recovery, or are looking for a good quality meal replacement, this is the ingredient you are missing and need.


What should I look for in my products?

If you are like me and a busy mom, then you probably like shakes, such as one of these Dr. Gundry Proplant Complete shakes, to start off the day (you can find out more about Proplant and decide whether it is right for you by checking out these online Proplant Complete Shake reviews). I also usually like to have a shake after I work out at night. Shakes are easy to make in the morning, easy for lunch if you are short on time, or can be used as a dinner meal replacement while still making sure your body gets all the protein it needs. Yes, they are easy to make, but if you aren’t careful with which ones you choose, you might end up gaining more weight than muscle because the protein in it is not being absorbed in your body. There’s a good possibility that you might end up going to the bathroom more often too if the protein is not absorbed and causes digestive issues.
The same thing goes for protein bars and meal replacement bars. These are super easy, quick and convenient, but if you are choosing the wrong product after working out or trying to have your muscles recover, bloating can happen to you too! Not the result you are looking for when purchasing any of these products.

There is a solution! And it is easy to do. You can start looking for protein powders and products that have the ingredient ProHydrolase in them. ProHydrolase helps your body break down protein efficiently and completely. This helps the body to maximize the absorption of amino acids and it enhances your digestion process. It digests protein that will increase absorption, reduce stomach discomfort and maximize amino acids. These are all really important things this specific ingredient does because it doesn’t allow your protein shake to just sit in your stomach or wait until you go to the bathroom multiple times before you feel less bloated.

ProHydrolase helps your body absorb more protein instead of waiting for you to excrete it. So, when you are using a protein drink or bar, it is actually doing its job because this ingredient helps the body deal with it. Who would have thought that shakes or bars without this ingredient in it wouldn’t do that? Isn’t that what they are there for?



What do I do now?

Now would be a good time to reevaluate your fitness program and ask yourself these questions. Am I accomplishing what I want through this program? Do I feel better or worse every day than before? Am I gaining any muscle, or do I feel bloated every day? If these answers are negative, it might be time to consider finding a protein powder with ProHydrolase, especially if you are having bloating and stomach issues after working out.

ProHydrolase is a way to solve those issues for you and you don’t have to give up all the products that you like. There are many shake and protein bar options that you can find with that key ingredient in them, and it is easy to replace whatever protein products you are already using in a fitness program with them. Not only just shakes and protein bars, but other meal plans that you can follow and get better results.

If you Google ProHydrolase, you will get results for a bunch of different products that contain this ingredient and it gives you many different options to choose from. Do your research and figure out which one would be the most beneficial for you. Another great part is you can usually purchase the product on Amazon once you find the one you’re looking for.

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels

Final thoughts

In the end, it is important to do what’s best for your body. If you are experiencing bloating and stomach digestive issues because of your fitness plan, this might be the best switch of your life.

I would love to hear what you ladies have done to create a fitness plan. What products are you using and do you feel like your stomach is always bloated? Share with us in the comments!


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