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How to Put a Net on a Trampoline with 7 Easy Steps!

From performing flips to jumping high up to the sky, the trampoline is a gateway to endless laughter and happiness. However, we should also be alarmed by injuries that can be caused by high-flying maneuvers and less coordinated falls.

According to stats by CPSC, there were more than 300,000 trampoline injuries reported in 2018. The injuries were mostly in children aged 5-15 and the causes were:

  • Attempting somersaults or other flips that go wrong
  • Falling on a trampoline mat or springs
  • Falling off from a trampoline onto a ground or hard surface
    (Source: CPSC, Orthoinfo)

That’s why, by using a safety net enclosure on a Trampoline we can lessen the danger. 

But the question is how to put a net on a trampoline. The answer is simple. You just have to gather the below-mentioned essentials and read the article to know how to do it like a pro.

How To Put A Net On A Trampoline 

So, Installing a safety net on a trampoline is a crucial step to ensure the safety of kids who will use it behind you or in front of you. So, here we go… 

Net on a Trampoline

Gather Essentials 

You must gather these essentials before I tell you how to put a net on a trampoline. These essentials may include:

  • Maintenance instruction manual to assemble the net
  • Check that the mat, padding, and outer enclosure edges are covered
  • Gather enclosure net, rope, upper, and lower poles
  • Get PVC sleeves, rubber mallet, and pole caps

Take a look if you have blow mentioned parts and tools required to put a net:

Part Name 6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft 16ft
Jumpin Mat 1 1 1 1 1 1
T-Connector 6 6 6 8 8 12
Frame-rail 6 6 6 8 8 12
Spring 36 48 60 72 88 108
Bottom tube 6 6 6 8 8 12
Upper tube 6 6 6 8 8 12
W- Shaped leg 3 3 3 4 4 6
Plastic pad 12 12 12 16 16 24
Enclosure net 1 1 1 1 1 1
Sleeve 12 12 12 16 16 24
Screw nut 12 12 12 16 16 24
Long Screw 6 6 6 8 8 12

Read Manufacturer’s Manual 

The manufacturer’s manual will help you to get a clear idea of putting a net over the trampoline. Though the manual may differ for different manufacturers, it will generally instruct you about:

  • Trampoline assembly and maintenance instructions
  • Moving instructions
  • Part list
  • Trampoline net assemble guidelines

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Consider Free Space 

The outdoor trampoline net should be placed in a way to avoid any displacement due to winds or a hindrance like a roof or tree branches. A trampoline size may vary but they usually range from 6ft to 8ft to a smaller or mini trampoline, so try to maintain gap of at least 2-3 ft between the trampoline and tree or fence.

Assemble the Net Poles

Poles generally come in several pieces and you have to attach them first. To assemble the net bars follow the given instructions. Make sure to have another person who assists you in the process

  • Take a screwdriver and screws to attach two legs with a W-shaped leg to form a U-shaped base. Repeat this step for the other three legs.
  • Now gather all rails and connect them to each other using T-connecters. This will make a circle.
  • Now one among you will lift the circle and the other one will connect the U-shaped legs to the T-connectors. 
  • Now lay out the mat with the holes facing inwards. 
  • Insert one of the springs into the jumping mat and the other end into the rail.
  • Get all poles and attach them to the U-shaped base legs with the help of nuts and bolts.

Cover the Poles with Net

Once you attached the poles to the trampoline, fasten the net to the trampoline and spread it out fully. Properly align the net and then tie it up with the poles.

Tie the Bottom Part of the Net with the Frame 

While attaching the net with poles make sure that you make a perfect square knot and make at least three knots to all the loops.

Do Survey

Once you did everything, survey the overall trampoline and check if anything around the net or pole losing or not. You can do that by hopping on the trampoline and falling by yourself on the net to check whether everything is fine or not.

BTW, What Is A Trampoline Safety Net?

If anyone of you don’t know about the Trampoline Safety Net then let me tell you that; Commercially designed and sold in 1997, a trampoline safety net is an accessory to reduce the chance of falling off during acrobatic activity. The Trampoline net saves the jumpers from falling off and became so crucial that by 2006 around 80% of all trampoline sales in the U.S.A. included safety net enclosure.

Why Should You Use Safety Nets? 

A trampoline net is made of very good quality inc tubes and synthetic material and is very strong and durable. These safety enclosure nets not only reduce the chances of fall injuries like head, neck, and spine injuries, or fractures but will also ensure to be an essential safety accessory to reduce chances of frame impact injuries.

How to Measure Your Trampoline for a Replacement Net?

Well, the easiest thing to do when measuring the trampoline is actually reading the manual that comes with the trampoline, it will give you all the details regarding the size and shape of the trampoline. 

Or if you don’t have it then you have to find the trampoline’s diameter by yourself. Start measuring from the outer edge of the frame to the opposite outer edge. Consider the frame as a clock and take one measurement from 3-9 o’clock and a second measurement from 12-6 o’clock. This will give you the size of your trampoline.

How to Take Down a Trampoline Net? 

The process of taking down a net is easier than putting it up. It may differ for different net types, but the steps are the same for each net. 

For models in which the net is directly attached to the frame base, just detach the net. Slightly remove the net by sliding off the poles. Lay the poles in the center of the trampoline to avoid tangling. 

What would you Do to Repair the Trampoline Safety Nets? 

Well, I’m sure you know that a hole in your trampoline net or any damage will lessen safety. Therefore, let me tell you how to fix it before the damage extends. Let me help you with a few methods to fix a trampoline net.

  • Take a needle and a heavy-duty upholstery thread. Put the thread in the eye of the needle and knot the threads hanging part together. Now hold the torn part together and start sewing in a zig-zag pattern. 
  • You can also restore the fishing line by sewing it. Just keep pulling the holes tight.

How To Thread Trampoline Net? 

To fix the ripped mesh net, take a patch repair or any extra upholstery cloth. Cover the hole by putting one piece of cloth in front and the other piece at the back of the net. This will make a sandwich of the net between these two clothes. Now sew the cloth and the net to repair the hole.


Is Trampoline Net Inside Or Outside?

It totally depends upon your preference or trampoline type. The outside trampoline net will give a larger space but is risky. While inside the trampoline net will reduce the space.

Is it possible to afford a trampoline net?

Yes, trampoline nets are affordable. Their cost normally ranges from $30 to $300.

Can I add a basketball hoop with any enclosure net?

Yes, you can add a basketball hoop with an enclosure net.

Is a trampoline net necessary?

Though it is not an essential necessity. You can add it to ensure safety.

What are the different parts of a net of the trampoline?

Parts of the trampoline net include:
1. Poles
2. PVC
3. Pole Cap
4. Sleeves
5. Net


Trampoline net comes in a variety of sizes and it’s important to know which suits you the best. Knowing about the net assembly is a plus. Go for the most durable and safe net to ensure that you and your kids are safe while enjoying those relishing moments.


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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