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6 Simple Ways to Renovate & Modernize Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be considered to be one of the most functional zones of the house. We need to ensure that the convenience to work in the area along with the utilization of the zone is done in the most effective manner. So, implement some thoughtful ideas while you decide to go for kitchen renovations.

Upgrading this particular area of the house needs some professional touch. Such experienced professionals can easily sketch the layout for your new kitchen and install some useful gadgets or appliances in your kitchen design for your convenience. Obviously, there are certain things you’ll need regardless of whether you hire professionals or not, with the need to get a quote for a skip being one of them.

The kitchen is one of the most functional zones of the house. Look for modern kitchen designs when renovating the kitchen. Here's what to look for.



Few Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen:

Presented here are few such effective ideas which these professionals follow. With the implementation of these tricks, you can bring a drastic change in the overall look of your kitchen.


#1. Correct Kitchen Layout

While you are renovating the kitchen, you should replace your old appliances with new ones, like upgrading your old sink with a new ADA compliant kitchen sink, and also ensure that there is a minimum distance between the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. It is advisable to place the refrigerator at the kitchen entrance.

As mostly you need it while you are entering the kitchen to start cooking. When these three prime kitchen ingredients are placed close to each other you can avoid a lot of unnecessary steps and devote more of your energy to preparing the dishes. moreover, that saves your time and energy as well. So, before you start your kitchen renovations, you must sketch the layout for your kitchen by a professional designer or engineer.

This can be accomplished fairly easy as there are many online companies, such as Walcraft Cabinetry, who provide free kitchen design services and kitchen cabinets!


#2. Contemporary Cabinets

Instead of using the age-old traditional cabinetry system many modern and urban house owners prefer modern cabinets that are made up of glass, bamboo or aluminum and composite wooden boards. These kinds of cabinets are available in the market in diverse designs. They are durable than wooden cabinets and you can easily clean them in a normal way.

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#3. OPT for Wide Walkways

Ensure the path within the kitchen is around 36 inches in width. If the kitchen is a one cook kitchen, then the walk around the cooking zone area should be 42 inches. While if it is meant for double cook ideally it should be of 48 inches. Following this process, you can provide maximum convenience to those who are using the kitchen on a regular basis.


#4. Time Saving Appliances

With the advent of a wide array of trendy and highly effective kitchen appliances life has become way easier. Now you can cook your meal quite easily and fast with the usage of those electronic kitchen appliances and save your time. So, you need to install such appliances in your kitchen for your convenience and you must install them in a proper position to save your floor space.

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#5. Light Up the Kitchen

Now as we all know kitchen needs to vibrate an aura of positivity. After all, you spend quality time out there. So never miss out to include some alluring lights and add some extra splash of light in that zone. In this case, you can use some LED lights for your kitchen renovations because such lights will save your power consumption bill. The entire décor of the room will get an extra edge with that. You can also add a vintage touch to your spaces by having a custom neon kitchen sign on a wall. You may choose from one of the popular choices available or write your message from a selection of fonts, styles, colors or even your handwriting .

VoodooNeon.com have a wonderful range of neon signs – these literally thought of every way that a neon sign can be used in home decor – checkout their inspiring home decor ideas.  Christine from Voodoo says, “Neon decor has become a real focus point.  Using inspirational and motivational messages around the home is like having positive affirmations in each space, the added bonus is the way it literally lights up, and metaphorically lights up a room”.


#6. Kitchen Flooring

Now, this is another vital point. Ensure the kitchen flooring is done with correct materials. Say wooden floors are apt for modern kitchen design that have some open layout. Even twelve inches ceramic tiled kitchen also get a lavish look quite effortlessly. Apart from that, you can also choose granite, marble, tiles, and limestone for your kitchen flooring. If you have a small budget, then you can go for the polished concrete floor.


Final thoughts

Thus, there are many such effective kitchen design renovation ideas. Apart from the above things, you must choose proper plumbing lines, countertop, splash backs, and color of the walls for your kitchen. Consult a professional and bring a drastic change to the kitchen looks by renovating it once in a while.



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