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7 Great Tips to Starting a Mom Blog in 2020

Starting a blog is pretty simple once you get the basics down. But being a new blogger, what are the actual basics? Today we will talk about the quick and easy tips that you need for starting a blog immediately.

Starting a blog is pretty easy once you get the basics down. Being a new blogger, what are the basics? Here's 7 great tips for starting a mom blog in 2020.

Determining your niche

The most important part about starting a blog is to know why you are starting it. Whether you want to just write, share your knowledge, make money, or all of the above, there needs to be a direction. By picking the niche that you want to write in, maybe it is cooking, mom blogs, fashion, beauty, DIY, home improvement, etc. Starting with a niche can help lead into what you want the name of your blog and domain to be.


Choosing a name

After picking a niche, then you can start choosing the name of your website. Choosing a name might seem like a simple task. But it is more like picking a baby name, as it will stick with you through all of your ideas. Do some research before settling on a specific blog name. Using websites like Domain Wheel to help determine if the popularity of the type of blog you are going to write is important. Use this website to help you find a great name. Five or less words in a title is usually a good amount in a name. Remember, you can have a tagline that can be a little longer. Once you have chosen your name, it is time to figure out what a good domain will be and if it’s available.


Choose a URL

Unfortunately, there are so many URLs that have been taken throughout the years, this is the time you have to get creative. Check Name.com to see if your new blog name is available as a URL. The best URL is usually is .com at the end. However, it is not always available. Or it is available but costs $3,000. Do not spend $3,000 on your domain unless you are buying a whole company! Many domains should cost somewhere between $10 and $30 a year.



Picking a platform

To begin with starting a blog, it is important to pick a platform of where you want your blog to be. Many serious bloggers are using WordPress because it is really easy to transition into different web hosting sites and themes that you will want to add to your site. It is also simple to connect advertising to WordPress and many plugins are compatible with WordPress. There is are a free and paid version of WordPress that you can use. Sign up for the free version to begin with, especially if you are unsure of the direction that you want to move your blog in. Other platforms like Blogger, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are available for bloggers too! Make sure to do a preview of each one to see which you are a most comfortable with.

Blossom Themes

Web hosting

Awesome, you have picked a blogging platform and now what? If you are wanting to make your blog into a business or make money off of your blog, then you will want to host your website instead of just using the free version of WordPress. The reason is because on the free version, you cannot add advertisements and if there is an issue with your site, it is all on you to figure it out. Web hosting with Bluehost provides 24/7 assistance with any issues on your site. We have been hosting with Siteground and have loved every minute of it!

If you aren’t good with web design, this might be something worth looking into. Plus they do all the work for you when transferring your website over to their hosting page. Compare the different packages on Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, . See which one fits your budget best and meets your needs.


Choosing a theme

There are many websites that provide website themes, some are easier to set up than others. Find ones that make it really easy to upload your theme and adjust it to your site because it can be a rather stressful process when not knowing much about web design. Fiverr has many choices and doesn’t break the bank. For many blogs, the simpler the design the better and more white space makes the site look less crowded. A crowded website and turn away your audience because it is overwhelming.

Adding the plugins

Plugins are also an important part of starting a blog. Your new website won’t run smoothly without them. There are plugins for sharing content, editing your work, making sure spam doesn’t hit your page, and adding subscription boxes. Those are the basic plugins for starting a blog. Check out these plugins that you might want to add to your new blog. Once you have the basic plugins setup, then will be time to determine which are your favorite, which can be better and what you don’t actually need.


Final thoughts

In the end, beginning a blog is a lot of work. However, don’t get discouraged. Once the basics are all setup, writing creative and engaging content is the next part. Make sure to be on the look up for our upcoming articles on creative content, how to start making money, and adding affiliate links from platforms like Shareasale into your writing.


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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