How To Start (And Maintain) Your Summer Mom Bod
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How To Start (And Maintain) Your Summer Mom Bod

Are you getting ready for your summer mom bod? Hitting the beach with the family is a lot more fun when you’re not focusing on finding layers to cover your body insecurities. Are you ready to make a change in the right direction, but don’t know where to start? In this article we will share how a FitTrack scale can motivate you to change your habits.

Are you getting ready for your summer mom bod? In this article we will share how a FitTrack scale can motivate you to change your habits.

Create a fitness plan

To start, maintaining your weight and getting in shape during the summer is harder than we think. With barbecues, drinks after work, ice cream and birthdays, you can get off track fast. Creating a fitness plan can help you stay in shape throughout the summer months.


The first step in creating a fitness plan is taking measurements and weighing in. Once you complete that, you’re able to determine which specific pieces you want to work on throughout the summer. Some areas you might want to focus on could be increasing muscle, decreasing fat, drinking more water, eating healthier, etc.

FitTrack scale for maintaining summer mom bod

How to measure your progress

The FitTrack scale will measure all of the indicators for you! The FitTrack scale measures these items using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology. Instead of only getting your weight, it sends a very low and safe electrical signal from the four metal electrodes through your feet, legs and abdomen. It passes through your body and then is computed into the numbers through the FitTrack app on your phone in under 10 seconds. There are 17 indicators that can give you a view on your health holistically.

FitTrack uses Bluetooth to connect the smart scale to your phone, giving you a way to track your stats daily, weekly, and monthly. Not only will you be able to measure your weight but also your body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI (body mass index), body water, BMR, protein rate, metabolic age and more!

Most of the time, you would have to go to a medical doctor to use a scale or machine to find out your accurate BMI. The FitTrack scale is more affordable, and available on the go. The smart scale is extremely portable (so you can check your hydration levels on your lunch break).

FitTrack online app for weight loss

Work on decreasing your BMI or numbers in red

By using the FitTrack scale, your data saves into your phone. This is really helpful when going through your fitness journey because you can check your progress every day through the app on your phone. When tracking your measurements the app will tell you if your measurement is ‘low,’ ‘normal,’ ‘high,’ or ‘extremely high.’ If you click on each of the categories, it gives you the general range in which are low and high. There are also two modes that you can change the app to, Athlete mode or Family mode. With family mode, you can add up to 8 members – including your child in infant mode.


FitTrack scale for weight loss

How can I get my own?

Check out and use this code TWL20 to get 20% off your purchase. As a working mom, I don’t get a lot of time to work on my weight and by using the FitTrack app, I have been able to manage it on my own without having to go to a health specialist. I can see my long-term health trends from when I started my fitness journey to the present. It helps me stay accountable and stick to my diet. It’s rewarding to see how the indicators you’ve chosen to improve will lower as you start working out and eating right.


This post is sponsored by FitTrack. It may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. I’ve never even heard of FitTrack! What an amazing gadget! I love that it measures hydration, BMI, body fat, muscle mass… very cool!

  2. I have never used this scale, but it seems like a useful tool to track your progress. Thanks for sharing!

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