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How To Tell If You’re Infected By Parasites And What To Do Next?

Parasites can give anyone a shiver down the spine. Just the mere thought of being infected by parasites is can leave you sleepless through nights. Here’s how you can figure out if you have a parasite:


Figure Out The Symptoms

Parasites can affect the human body pretty badly and they give away signs of it. You can very easily figure out these symptoms if you know what these symptoms are. Here’s a list of symptoms that almost all the parasites display:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea
  • Gas or bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Agitated behavior
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Dysentery
  • Loss of appetite or overeating


Apart from these symptoms, in a few cases, you may suffer acute fever that frequently comes and passes away. Also, it has been reported in a few other cases that the patients lose blood while vomiting or excretion. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately get yourself diagnosed.


Get A Laboratory Report For Confirmation

There are various tests that can help confirm the presence of a parasite in your body. These include- scotch tape test, stool examination, blood reports, and in certain cases X-Ray and other technological instruments may also be used to diagnose the parasite.

It is crucial to understand that these tests are specific to the diagnosis of types of parasites. For example, the scotch tape test may be used to detect the presence of pinworms in the intestine, or a blood test may be carried out to detect antibodies that your body produces whenever a parasite enters your body. 

You need to make sure through preliminary examination and identifying the symptoms that you may have a parasitic infection. These symptoms are common to many other diseases and health problems, that is why getting a proper diagnosis report from a certified laboratory.


Consult Your Doctor For Prescription

Once you’ve confirmed the presence of a parasite in your body, and identified the parasite, you need to consult your doctor. They would guide you through a treatment process that you may go through, depending upon your infection. You can take medication along with making some changes to your lifestyle. These changes may involve including some herbs as suggested in this article https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/7-powerful-parasite-killing-herbs how herbs can help kill parasites in your body.

You can also start taking precautionary measures to avoid assisting further growth of these parasites in your body. Ways such as washing and disinfecting hands before and after eating. Another way is cooking your food properly and avoiding the purchase of meat and meat products from open shacks, etc.



Healthy Diet Can Assist Get Rid Of Parasites Faster

While your body is fighting these intruders, it spends a lot of energy. This may lead to sudden weakness in the body. It is best that you get yourself a diet plan from an expert dietician. A good healthy diet can help recover your body quickly and also get rid of parasites.

Apart from just dietary inclusions, you can also start including supplements such as detoxifying syrups and essential oils into your daily food. For example, clove oil and neem extracts have been used for centuries around the Indian subcontinent to cure infections and kill parasites. You can even cook your meal in these oils or simply use these in your favorite salads.


Possible Causes Of Your Infection

Parasites can spread through a number of mediums. Some are water-borne, some are air-borne, while some are organic-borne. Something common to all the parasites is they need the medium for traveling from one host to the next.

You may acquire a parasite through infected water or if you’ve made contact with animal excreta. Anyhow, these creatures thrive on waste and spread only if they are made contact with. In other words, it is pretty difficult to acquire parasites unless you make contact with them.

Some common reasons for parasitic infection are listed below:

  • Dumping Zones, public facilities, hotels, and washrooms are some of the common nests for parasites
  • Animal excreta, drainage system, dead and decaying matter contain some of the deadliest parasites
  • Rivers, lakes, ponds, or any other unclean source of water
  • Polluted landfills and areas
  • Making contact with an already infected person, infected blood, etc


Final thoughts

Knowing these causes can help you stay alert and avoid acquiring these infectious parasites. Once you know how these parasites can get inside your body, and affect your health, getting the necessary treatment and avoiding them in the first place becomes easier. After all, a healthy body holds a healthy mind and leads to a healthy life.


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