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How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm with Children

Have you ever had or heard of dogs that are unfriendly to children? If never, be on the watch out. Those cases are more than meets the eye. Below is information on how to train your dog to be calm with children. Read on!

Dogs are known to cope well around kids. Smart dog and children make a heck of a team — they can run errands together. But children prefer calm family dog breeds. Almost all kids will choose playful but non-violent furry friends. Now since most of us have dogs in our homesteads, we ought to learn how to have our pups and children play along together. One of the benefits is that you can teach both of them to be friends and have fun without hurting each other. The pup is usually the closest companion of any person, including children. So how can you get your hound to be calm with your kids?


Dog and Children: Tips to Make Them Friends

Act like a Child When Training It

In most situations, you are the person who will be training the dog before the kid comes along. The hound needs to learn the character flow of the child first. There are some known best dog breeds for children that are playful and easy to train. A few sessions with the pup and you are safe to leave it with your child. The trick is always to show it the personality that the kid will most likely come with. This reduces tension when the hound and child meet later on.


Avoid Training Your Dog to Jump

Most pups have the instinct of becoming extra happy at the sight of friendly faces so that they will climb you to say hello! But not all children will appreciate this gesture. Some can freak out and think they are under attack or even get panic attacks from such an encounter! Whoever trains your pup, he/she should bear in mind that the dog and children are great together if they get along in the first instance.


Get Your Puppy Some Hound and Children Toys

Dogs are like younger children. They appreciate a lot of inanimate playing materials. Having your dog play with children’s toys will make them friendlier to the owners of these things.   The plaything will be a common point of interest for both. If the hound is known to develop rage in some instances, toys are an excellent gesture to make them calm. You can research on how to calm down a dog for more helpful tips.


Teach Your Dog to Socialize

In many parts of the world, dogs are known to be security personnel, thus are not allowed to familiarize themselves with people too much. But for a pet, socialization, and friendliness is the way to go. Teach your hound how to socialize with children and reward it with puppy food for large breeds. Remember, whenever you are teaching your hound how to socialize with children, the exercise must be relaxing and fun for the pet. That way, the children will carry on the training from where you left it.

Schedule Handling Exercises for Your Smart Dog

All pets require some gentle touch. It helps them feel appreciated, loved, and in the right hands. From the time they are still puppies, your dogs should undergo some handling exercises. They should be familiar with a belly rub, a chest rub, a fur comb, and many other handling exercises that children will most likely perform on them. It will be frightening to the dog if the first encounter with a belly rub is with strange children in a park. Try to consider as many dog training tips as you can and implement them from the very beginning. These pieces of training go better if you are serving them puppy food. Most dogs love it. 


Have a Kennel

Dogs are right when they are all jovial and playful. But as animals, they get tired and defensive. That is why they need a place to retreat and relax. You must teach children about the different moods that the hound may show. Even for the calm dog breeds, the situation eventually runs out of control when they are tired and irritable. In that state, let the hound relax and get some sleep in a dog kennel.



The dog and children have proved to be inseparable partners all over the world. However, dog trainers and owners have to realize the animosity that comes with an antisocial hound or a tired one. The situation is best rectified by teaching the hound how to socialize well with children. The kid also needs to know some basics about having a hound and how to act in different situations. That way, we are unlikely to have any problems from hostile dogs or unfriendly hound and children interactions.

Share with us, what do you think are the benefits of having a dog? We’d like to hear from you!



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Rachel Hudson

Rachel Hudson has been a cynologist for over a decade now. She has a vast experience, decorated with skill and ability to handle different dog breeds. She wrote this article to correct some gaps that have been noticed in the dog training industry.

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