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The Importance Of Consistency In Life

Browse through Facebook, Instagram, your favorite business periodical, or channels on TV, and it’s there: the message that new and different is the way to go…the path to success. Innovation is the “it” word these days. Everything from friends jumping on the latest fashion trend bandwagon to startups turning the industry on its head with a new strategy to new weight loss fads seemingly daily….it’s all about the unique and different. Whatever happened to good old consistency? We’re here to tell you today that despite all the hype, being consistent is often better. Consistency is often overlooked and undervalued as a strategy in life, but it has gotten many people far and can help you too.


What is consistency?

What exactly is consistency? Well, let’s start with what it’s not. Consistency does not mean settling, nor is it sticking with something that’s not working for you/your relationship/your career/etc. It doesn’t mean you must follow old-fashioned ways or ideals that no longer apply in today’s world. Because let’s face it, the world is changing at an exponentially quicker rate than ever before. No, consistency does not mean you don’t change with the times.


Being consistent

So what does it mean to be consistent? Consistency means doing what works. It means sticking with the tried-and-true. If what you’re doing is working, there is no need to shake things up just because the latest relationship expert/business mogul/fitness guru says so.

Consistency is also about being regular and steady. You have to put in consistent work in order to see results. This is true of everything in life from your work life to home life to social life. If you’re looking to get fit, for example, consistently working out 3 times a week is much better than intensely working out every single day and then burning out. You need to put in the effort and results will follow. There’s just no way around it.


Implement consistency into your life

What are some practical ways you can implement consistency in your life? Take weight loss for example. Which do you think is better: to go on several extreme crash diets, only to binge afterwards (the very definition of yo-yo dieting), or to consistently eat well with occasional treats here and there in moderation, leading to slower but more steady and sustainable weight loss? Or if you’re looking to start a new business…don’t rush to try some new viral sensation of a strategy just because it worked for that new startup in Silicon Valley.


Fix the kinks

What about when you do take the consistent route and things don’t go your way? Give things time. Seeing the forest through the trees requires patience. A few months from now, look at the big picture. Ask yourself if you truly remained consistent throughout. Having a consistent, steady strategy results in a strong foundation.


Final thoughts

So why don’t we hear more about successes born out of consistency? Because it’s not sexy; not exciting or attention-grabbing. As a society we’ve come to value things that wow us…things that are unusual or quirky or have a really unusual background story. That’s all well and good, but those success stories only account for a small percentage of total successes. And guess what? Those businesses still couldn’t have gotten where they were today without some measure of consistency.

So aim for consistency in everything you do. It yields results. Results lead to success.

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