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5 Things Guaranteed to Improve Your Mood Quickly

As moms, it is easy for our world to revolve around our children and this can really take a toll on us if we don’t set aside time for ourselves. Everyone can have a bad day sometimes, and it’s important during these days or even in the moments that we do something for ourselves. Luckily there are many things one can do to feel better and uplift one’s spirits and improve your mood quickly.

Everyone can have a bad day sometimes and we can get into a funk if it continues. Here we have shared 5 ways you can follow to improve your mood in no time.


So for those days, you need a little boost, here are 5 things guaranteed to improve your mood:


Working Out

Working out gets your body moving and those endorphins pumping. Whether you choose to go for a walk, a workout class, a gym session, or a high-intensity workout at home, you can significantly boost your mood with some movement and exercise.

Nowadays there are apps, such as 30 Day Fitness, that make it possible for you to workout anywhere, anytime and provide specific programs designed for your fitness goals. For example, if you are wondering how to get rid of saddlebags there is a tailored fitness routine that can help you achieve this!



Music is easy to improve your mood with the simple click of your favorite song. There are even curated playlists you can find on streaming platforms such as Spotify titled ‘Have a Great Day!’ and others of the sort. So turn up the volume while you get ready, sing in your car, play some uplifting acoustics while you work, and incorporate uplifting music into your day when possible.

improve your mood quickly


Your space does impact your mind, whether it is conscious or subconscious. For many, the act of decluttering and cleaning is therapeutic and for most, the final clean and decluttered product just feels so much better.

So tackle a space that is in plain view or that mess tucked away in a drawer somewhere and you’ll lift that ‘knowing’ from the back of your mind. As you declutter, remember that you want everything to have a place, as this will make it a lot easier to maintain!

Enjoy nature

Being in nature is an instant mood boost. So get in a morning walk, take your coffee outside in the sunshine, go for a walk during your work break, eat lunch outside, workout in a park… there are so many ways you can get some nature time in during your day and especially when you need to de-stress or boost your mood. It is also a great way to take some time just for you. Breathe that fresh air, get some vitamin D in and you will see the mood improvement instantly.


Catch up with a friend

Catching up with a friend is a wonderful way to boost your mood, especially as a mom when you may or may not have been speaking with people only under the age of 10 all day. Make it a point to call a friend and connect with those you care about. It is good for the soul!

These are just five of the many things that can help you in improving your mood. The key is to do something that brings you joy and/or helps get your mind off things. Remember to set forward with a grateful mind and that will add a mood-boosting element to any moment.



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