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Incredible Facts About Ceramic Coating


Every car owner wants their car to look in perfect condition throughout the year. They try to keep their vehicle clean and hope it keeps shining like it did the day they bought it. So, the owner uses car shampoo to wash the car and apply polish or wax after a few months to maintain the car’s shine and protect the paint.

However, the outcome is not satisfactory even after spending so much time. Chips, stains, dirt, and swirl marks remain intact and have reduced the car’s shine. Apart from this, your car gets dirty and looks as if it was cleaned a long time ago after just one drive. It gives a wrong impression.

You might not this, but there happens to be a much superior alternative that gives the best car paint protection and keeps your car clean and protected from all these environmental pollutants. You can opt for ceramic coating, which will restore your car’s showroom looks and provide much better protection as well.


Ceramic coating is applied to the outer part of the body by hand. It is a fluid polymer that chemically bonds on top of the car’s original paint and forms a layer that protects the original paint. Car polish and wax are washed easily after 2-3 car washes, and their results are usually for a short period and need to be applied after each month.

However, this is not the case with ceramic coating. Washing the car does not result in the ceramic coating being washed away, nor does it need to be applied every month. In short, water does not affect the ceramic coating. It protects and restores the original paint while making the car not challenging to clean. The benefits of the ceramic coating are as follows:


Ceramic coating is hydrophobic. It means that it does not allow water to settle on the car and repels it. A ceramic-coated vehicle will not allow dust or any other impurities to settle down on your car’s paint and eventually damage the paint or make it look dirty. Dust and other substances will have a hard time bonding with the paint and can be washed off quickly or even cleaned with a dry cloth. Hence, your car will look clean and last longer without washes most of the time.


A car’s paint is greatly affected by UV rays. Since most of the time, cars are exposed to direct sunlight. This causes the paint to oxidize, which leads to the car’s paint losing its shine and even faded paint. A layer of ceramic coating protects your car’s original paint from oxidizing by reducing the effect of UV rays.


If you wish to restore your car’s original shine or even enhance it, then the ceramic coating is the answer. It will significantly improve the shine and give your car’s dying paint new life. The glow would be so remarkable that everyone would notice and admire it. The gloss is long-lasting and is not affected by car washes, unlike car wax and polish, which fade away after a month.


There are lots of chemicals in the environment, many of which damage the car’s paint. Some of these chemicals are also responsible for rusting, not to mention chemical staining. The ceramic coating prevents these chemicals from bonding with the paint and prevents the car from rusting and chemical stains.


The ceramic coating may seem expensive at first. But if we look in the long run, it saves money and time. The ceramic coating increases the value of the car by helping it to look new and in mint condition. It also protects it from rusting, which can be an expensive fix. Moreover, the ceramic coating does not require to be applied every month, which saves time and not to mention money. According to experts, a well-maintained ceramic coating can easily last about 2-5 years.


Yes, it is worth it. The ceramic coating adds excellent value to your car if we talk about the long term. It protects the paint from environmental hazards and gives the paint a new life and protection. It also reduces the time spent cleaning the car, and you don’t have to be worried about cleaning the car every day. You would also feel good while driving your automobile as it would be shining all the time.

It is important to note that an expert should do a ceramic coating for better results and protection from damage. If you want to get your car ceramic coated in UAE, then you should get it done by PitStopArabia without wasting any time. All you need to do is head to their website to schedule an appointment. It hardly takes any time, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Wrap Up

It concludes our article for today. If you have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. Lastly, if you cannot afford ceramic coating, we recommend waxing your car regularly to protect the paint.

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