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7 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home With Flowers

Haven’t you always found houses filled with flowers magical? They’re fresh, they’re bright, and they make you happier simply by stepping into them. Why shouldn’t your home be just the same way? When you decorate your home with flowers may seem hard, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to add freshness and positivity to the home. If you take a look at the tips below, you’ll find out exactly how you can decorate with flowers and significantly improve the environment you live in.

Flowers in a cage

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Have you ever noticed how poetic antique bird cages are? You can find them at the flea market for a steal and repaint them to match your interior. Instead of trapping a bird inside, though, use them for your new flower display. 

You can put a jar of water inside the cage them make a colorful bouquet to put inside of it. Hang the cage up in any room you think needs something special. You can use a ribbon or rope for the easiest and most effective solution.


Flower wall art

There’s nothing worse than empty and depressing walls in a house. If you want to spice things up, you should do it with fresh flowers. Instead of letting the whiteness of the wall take a toll on the rest of your immaculate design, make a statement by hanging up some flowers from jute rope and pegs.

You can do this at more than one place in the house and make it a theme or just make a statement piece in one place.


Anything can be a vase

Glass bottles and jars don’t have to end up in the trash after you’re done with them. Instead, you can use them for your next flower project. The quirkier and more antique the glass bottles and jars are, the better. This will make for unique and lovely vases and flower arrangements that you and your family are bound to adore.

You can cut down the flowers so they fit into the bottles. This will also keep them fresh for a longer time. If you want to welcome spring into your home, use colorful and fragrant flowers and sprinkle them around the house.


Teacup it up

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We all have more teacups and mugs than we actually need. In fact, most of us have old sets that just sit and collect dust in the cupboard. If you want to make use of them again, you should definitely opt for the teacup floral arrangement. This is a simple DIY project which doesn’t have to take you longer than an afternoon to make. You can make as many of the arrangements as you want and place them around the house. If you’re someone who likes thoughtful details around the home, this is the perfect project for you.

We recommend using fresh roses, faux eucalyptus, moss for the finishing touch, and some chicken wire to tie it all together.


Make a floral chandelier

If you want to do something magical and extraordinary with the flowers you’ve got, you should hang a floral chandelier. It’s most effective if it’s hanging above your dining room table, but the concept also works in other areas of the house. You could have a nice floral arrangement hanging above your coffee table in the living room, too.

You can make your floral chandelier by yourself. All you have to do is attach water rubes and a cap to stems of the flowers. This keeps them fresh. The stems should be inserted into an old bulb box with the bottom upside down. What flowers you use is completely up to you, but make sure their colors compliment each other well.

Set them in rows

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If you have a large and long surface like a big dining table, you can use it for displaying beautiful flower bouquets. These centerpieces will open up the room and make it look more stylish. This is especially true if you have a dark dining room, as the light color of the flowers will act as a lovely contrast. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use just one vase or set your bouquets in a row because the effect will be just the same.

For dining rooms designed with natural and darker colors, you should pick a blend of hydrangeas, lilies, and white roses. Each bouquet should be a story for itself, so don’t try to make them exactly equal. If the arrangements are in varying heights, you’ll get a balanced look that’s far from boring and flat.


Decorate the hallway

You should be greeted with something nice and fragrant as soon as you enter the house. This is why one of the best rooms to decorate with flowers in the hallway. You can have an elaborate and stunning display of flowers to greet you at the door every time you come home. As well as making the room look nicer, your hallway will now be a great conversation starter. After all, who wouldn’t mention the extravagant flowers right at the door as soon as they came in?

If you have high ceilings in your home, you’ve got even more room to play with the flower arrangements. For example, you can mix purple and green hydrangeas, dahlias, and roses to make a bunch that can be viewed and admired from any level. If you have stairs, this will prove to be an even more amazing solution as you’ll get to see it from above and at eye level.

Love to decorate your home with flowers? Find out exactly how you can decorate with flowers and significantly improve the environment you live in.



These methods will make decorating easy and fun, without a shred of tackiness to ruin the new design of your living room. We’re confident that you’ll have the house of your dreams filled with flowers that will bring joy into your life. Every time you walk inside, you’ll be greeted with the fragrance of flowers and bright colors that will improve your mood significantly.


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