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Here in the Inland Northwest, we really have no good stores as compared to when I lived in New York City. All of my shopping is done online. I haven’t bought any clothing or accessories offline in over two years unless I go back to the east coast to visit. That being said, I am always looking online for new stores and unique stores.

While searching for some new necklaces, I fell upon inspirational jewelry. I have began to love quotes on t-shirts again and love quotes on bracelets but I had not see any really nice quotes on necklaces online. Believe it or not, I found a ton! One of my absolute favorites was from a company called Isabelle Grace Jewelry. It instantly caught my eye because I love any type of script handwriting, so when I see it on jewelry, I always have to stop and look.

Isabelle Grace’s inspirational jewelry can be found in gold or silver and they have so many cute sayings on them. My favorite piece was this one:

Believe Gold HR.jpg

This Believe necklace was the automatic winner. After I read the description of quotes the put with it, “Believe in the power of you. Believe that all things are possible. Believe that you are smart enough, good enough, beautiful enough and strong enough. Believe and never let insecurity run your life!” – I knew I needed to have it! Those words were exactly what I was thinking. When I wear this in my classroom, I want to tell all my students these quotes and explain to them why I wear it. Having such a powerful statement around your neck can bring positive vibes to others around you.


The charm on the necklace is only 1 inch long and the necklace comes in either Sterling Silver or 14k Gold. The charm also contains two blue zircon semi precious stones. You have the option of how long you want the necklace – 16/18/20 inches. The necklace also shipped in a quick time frame.


With all of the negativity in our world today, it’s important to share our positive vibes. I don’t mean going around preaching that everyone needs to be happy, but by wearing your positive words, you can share it without even having to tell people what they could be feeling or giving them some hope. By wearing the word believe – it gives hope to other that you know and even others that you don’t know. You never know how a person or child’s day has been when you cross paths with them and just seeing that word could be the most positive message they have seen or heard all day.

Be the positive change that you wish to see.

Looking for other inspirational jewelry? Isabelle Grace has tons more. Click here for more.


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