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It’s Summer: Get a Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

Essential oils are the newest fad and it just keeps growing. The best part is how amazing they are for you and the major health benefits that come along with them. However, there are so many brands and many of them are extremely expensive, you never know which one to get and try! Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Simply Earth has an Essential Oils subscription box! This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Simply Earth Essential Oils subscription box.


What is a subscription box for Essential Oils?

Simply Earth has a different subscription box every month with Essential Oils in it. Each month you get different oils and ideas that you can create with your box. This box we are talking about is for June. June has an amazing selection chosen just for these summer months. We love that you can create different scents and sprays with each oil. Simply Earth provides extra spray and oil bottles to create your own mixes with the oils provided! How amazing is that?

Plus, there are recipe cards in the box so you can create them. If you are uncreative like I am when cooking, do not worry! Everything is set out easily for you in the box.


Want to hear more about the June box? Watch this video!


What can you make?

June’s box comes with the following oils products: Palmarose, Anise Start, Head Soothing and grapefruit. Aloe vera juice, head soothing oil blend, and dried hibiscus. There were 5 different recipe cards that came with the kit and spray bottles and little oil boxes. Plus, they included new labels for the bottles that you were creating. It is such a unique idea; I would get it just to have fun and create it as a girl’s night!

Summer is an awesome time to get a box, especially June, because the recipes that you can make with this box are Beachy Hair Spray, Travel Buddy Rolls ons, Hibiscus Frozen Facial, After Sun Blend, and Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts. Just the names alone make me feel summery and I wanted to get started right away. This would be a fun idea for a girl’s night to have everyone create a different essential oil that they can take home with them. The Simply Earth Essential Oil box is really a great gift for a friend or family member too. It is something unique and different!



My favorite blends

It was pretty hard to pick my favorite recipe that I created, but I would have to go with the After-Sun Blend. Not only did it smell amazing but after having too much sun, it feels amazing too! To make this blend, you need liquid aloe vera, head soothing essential oil blend, Palmarose essential oil, distilled water, and a spray bottle. Such an easy combination and they’re provided for you! The best part? Once you make these recipes, they last for a pretty long time! For example, the Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts, watch this video and see how much you can make from the box! That could last you all summer! Plus, it smells amazing with the flower scent!


Sign me up (and use my discount code!)

Finally, if you are totally sold and want in on this box now, visit the Simply Earth website and use this code TWLFREE at checkout. A free $40 gift card will be included with your initial Essential Oil Recipe Box and Big Bonus Box at checkout. So don’t forget to type in the code TWLFREE!


Final thoughts

If you are looking for something new and exciting and you love essential oils, this is your jam. Each month has a new theme and June is summer. Check out the website, they have a lot of great information and cool videos too! Wouldn’t you love to create your own oils this summer?



This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information

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