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Key Moments in Our Lives & Why They’re Worth Noting Down

We all have key moments in our lives, or “key life events,” that shape who we are. These events shape who we become throughout our life, and have massive impacts on everything from our personalities to how we react to stress.

The death of a loved one is a key life event, as is graduating from college or getting married. But these important milestones can frequently slip through the cracks and be forgotten by us. Maybe you couldn’t attend a friend’s wedding because you couldn’t get a day off, or perhaps you had to pass on a family reunion because of the same thing.

Here, we’re going to talk about what has sadly become a far lower priority in modern times: why events in our lives are essential and why it’s crucial to take a second to savor them.

What Are Key Life Events?

Key life events are important moments or experiences in our lives. These pivotal moments can be positive or negative. Still, they often have long-lasting effects on the people who experience them and help shape their world perspective.

And it’s not just the event that has an impact on us. How we react to them often has a significant effect too. If you couldn’t help a friend out when they were in need, that’s something you’ll probably be guilty about for a long time. The same goes for missing something important, like your kid’s baseball league finals.

Key life events are often turning points in someone’s life: an event that changes how you view yourself, others, or the world around you.

They can take many forms—a break-up with a significant other; starting a new job; getting married (or divorced); having children; losing someone close to you—but whether it happens at age 14 or 60, it will likely have an impact on your future decisions and relationships.

That’s why it’s important to savor these moments and be present for as many as possible. Take the day off work and make somebody happy by being present at an important event, and make some happy memories in the process too.


Why Do Key Life Events Matter?

The reasons vary far and beyond, but if we had to pick one, it would be that these are things you’ll remember for a long, long time. These are the happy memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re successful or going through a rough patch, remembering these events will bring a smile to your face at the worst of times.

Still, we’re not asking you to take us at face value. Here are some of the reasons the people we asked thought key life events mattered:

  • They are moments in your life that you will remember.
  • They are moments in your life that you will want to tell your friends about. You’re probably going to make conversation by recounting these stories, and who likes a story with a bad ending?
  • They are moments in your life that you will want to share with family and loved ones. Family ties buy you a lot of goodwill, but your siblings aren’t going to like it when the stories you tell their kids are dark and depressing.

How Can I Use This Information to Focus on the Positive?

Staying in the Present and Practicing Mindfulness

If you’re like most people, it’s easy to get caught up in negative emotions and thoughts, especially when faced with challenges. But the truth is that important life events tend to have a silver lining—if we allow ourselves time to reflect on them properly.

That’s why it’s crucial to recognize what these special moments are and how we can use them as a starting point for positive change.

One way is practicing mindfulness: taking time out of our day-to-day routines to stop and look around us, notice our surroundings, breathe deeply and appreciate everything around us.

This helps us stay present in our lives instead of dwelling on past experiences or worrying about future ones—and ultimately gives us the power over how we react when something difficult happens again down the road!

family quotebook


Using a Quotebook to Create a Snapshot of the Best Parts of Your Life

Another great way to savor the best parts of your life is using a Quotebook. These cute diary-like books let you recreate your best memories by writing down a collection of the best parts of your life.

Maybe a funny joke your childhood friend made that’s stuck with you through the years and still brings a smile to your face because of how silly it is.

Or maybe those cute romantic little one-liners you said to your partner back before it got serious, before the kids and the soccer matches and the Sunday morning breakfasts.

And it’s not just people who have already built their lives that should use a Quotebook to remember their best moments. A Quotebook makes for a beautiful parting present for a college student moving out, as a keepsake that will remind them of all the great times they had at home.

The thing about these cute little diaries is that they aren’t just a place to write things down. They’re a solid anchor to everything that made you who you are today: a link to the best parts of your life.

family quotebooks


Quotebooks Make Great Gifts Too

Besides the personal benefits of these Quotebooks, there’s also the fact that they make great gifts for any occasion.

Birthdays, anniversaries, kids going off to college: a chance to remember the funniest moments of their lives (in a cute, bound diary, no less) is never a bad gift. Get some red wrapping paper, one of those bows you curl with a knife, and you’ve got a gift that will speak louder than anything else.

Whether it’s your kids, your partner, or even a close colleague, a Quotebook’s going to make a great gift. Plus, get creative! Get the person a classy pen to go along with their Quotebook, and bundle them together with chocolate to create a gift bundle that’s effortless, classy, and thoughtful.

family quotebooks

The Takeaway

Key life events are an excellent way for us to reflect on the past and celebrate what we have accomplished. They can also be an essential tool for moving forward in our lives by reminding us of how far we’ve come and where we want to go next. Just remember that it’s not just about the big events—it’s all about finding meaning in the little moments too.

Remember the key moments in your life, and create new memories with your loved ones with a classy Quotebook from https://quotebookjournal.com/. Submit a quote to the website today for an additional 15% off!


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