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5 Helpful Tips to Make Moving Easier For Your Kids

Moving houses is difficult enough and then you add children to the equation- a real struggle! Add the cartons and the movers with children under 12, a perfect combo for a horror story. To save you from the horror, I’m listing 5 tips which will lessen the stress that comes from moving with kids:



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Be Open to Questions

Parents know how many questions children have, be they about the birds in the window sill or about their new home. These questions can get a little annoying and often irrelevant but when it comes to moving to a new house, you might want to address their concerns and take them seriously.

First tip to make moving easier for kids is to be open to their questions. Make sure their questions are answered properly and most importantly, honestly. They would want to know about their new house, their new bedroom, new school, and new neighborhood. There would be questions which you might not be expecting, so be prepared and do your homework.

Answering their questions will make the kids more confident about the move. They will be comfortable sooner than you would expect. Make addressing them the first part of your checklist for moving into the new house and call a family gathering to answer them before the big day arrives. You can switch the meeting up, a little by making pizzas or just something as simple as chocolate chip cookies they love. This will make it more of a ‘fun’ activity than just another meeting that kids generally despise.


Stick to Routine

It’s imperative that the kids’ routine is as less disturbed as possible. If they’re going to school, make sure the move is not during the term, as that will affect not just their studies but will also take away the little time they have with their friends before the departure. Moreover, entering in a new school during an ongoing term will make it difficult for them to catch up instantly and make friends which might lead to social anxiety.

In addition to that, once you’ve moved, do not forget about all the fun activities that were part of their routine previously, like game nights, pizza party with friends, slumber parties, etc. This way, the transition will be easier and they won’t feel as lost as they otherwise would.


Make the Move Fun

Make sure the move is not a chore or rather a mere task for them. You can help them make a scrapbook with all their memories and pictures from the time spent in the neighborhood. With that, the scrap book can also have messages from the friends and teachers they’re leaving behind. It will encourage them to keep in touch with them later. This way they don’t lose their childhood friends or rather the kind of person they were before the move.

Moreover, enjoyable gatherings with friends and say their goodbyes properly. Separate get together for each of their friends circle is a fantastic idea. Not just that, it would be pleasant if you take them to their favorite spots before moving.  It could be their favorite burger place or ice cream bar to bid their farewells and enjoy the last few meals there.


Give Them Some Control

Give your children the control of things that concern them. Show them the space they’ll be getting as their room or study area etc. Let them choose the color the walls would be or the kind of furniture they would like to have in their new space. Let their imaginations go wild with regard to their own rooms. This autonomy will make them more excited for moving. With that, they will be settled quicker than you’d expect as they’ll identify the new house as homely and comfortable.

Get Them To Help

It’s vital to make them part of the whole process. This will not just give you sets of extra hands but will make it more of a fun activity for them. For this, it is important you let them know about the move few months in advance. You can show them the new neighborhood. Show them the new school they’ll be attending and even the nearby cinema would help. This will help them get an idea of the new area and so won’t be lost when the shift is made.

Furthermore, to make them part of the process; discuss with them the stuff they would like to take to their new house. Ask them to make a list of things as “essentials” and make them follow the checklist throughout the move. This will make them feel important resulting in them being more active in the whole process. With that, it is important you make them donate the things they might not use to keep your new house from crowding out too much.


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Lastly, it is important you don’t show the stress you might be feeling to them, this will stress them out as well. It would be a great exercise not just for the kids but also for you, if a positive attitude is made part of the process. Also, don’t let the chaos keep you from enjoying moving into your new house!


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