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5 Marketing Tips to Help Women Lawyers Distinguish Themselves








Like every profession out there, there are tons of lawyers out there. What makes a lawyer different from another, especially a woman? When potential customers are looking for a lawyer, they are searching for specific things that are related to what they need. Because customers are searching for what they need, it is crucial to base your marketing strategy on what your customer needs. If you have not created the ideal candidate for your firm, then that would be the best place to start. If this is something you are unsure of where to begin, Lawyers of Distinction help lawyers distinguish themselves among the crowd.

Once you have created a target candidate in mind, your marketing strategy is geared towards that one person you are trying to reach. Here are a few marketing tips for women lawyers to help distinguish themselves:

  1. Testimonials: Previous clients who are willing to write a quick testimonial or a review for you is a great way to get your name out there. Many customers looking for lawyers are looking for reviews of others who have worked with you previously.


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  1. Become a member of Lawyers of Distinction: LOD not only helps you get your name out there every year, but they will provide promotional materials, a customized press release, member discount program, a custom plaque, and much more.


  1. Website/Blog/Social Media: Being able to relate to your customers is important. Many of them are searching on Google for a lawyer and possibly even social media. Being that you are trying to get your name out there and in front of as many people as you can who might need your service, having a blog and creating social media accounts for yourself as a lawyer or your firm is the first step.



  1. Create an Email List: On your website, make sure to have a sign up for a newsletter and start sending out emails weekly or monthly to those who sign up to receive email. In the newsletter, include tips and resources for potential clients that way they are looking forward to emails instead of unsubscribing.


  1. Advertising: Creating advertisements for websites, Google, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. is crucial. Keeping the target candidate in mind when creating the ads, cater to that specific individual and make it eye catching, bright, and colorful. By targeting a specific client, you are narrowing down your audience to the niche of your firm. Along with creating an ad to target your clients, when picking advertisement locations, there are ways to target in on specific demographics. Prior to spending money on advertising, make sure to determine those demographics of which you are looking to reach.


Starting with these tips can get your firm up and running. Diligence is the key when approaching social media and advertising, make sure to get your name out there and continue to be a known name in your community.


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