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Why Married Couples Should Seek a Therapist

Being married isn’t always all happiness and love. Many believe being married for the beautiful fairy tale that is portrayed in movies. Reality is that marriage is compromise, learning to get along, and disagreements. Knowing this is half the battle. However, many happy couples’ overtime might turn into unhappy couples and aren’t sure what has happened. This is a great time to consider finding a therapist to talk to both individually and as a couple. But how do you know when is a good time to start seeing a therapist? This article will shed some light on when and why married couples should seek a therapist.



Arguments become more frequent

To being, arguments are common for married couples. However, when they become more and more frequent, there is something that is going on under the surface that isn’t being addressed. Arguing about the dishes in the sink or leaving laundry on the floor can be stemmed from a disagreement from the other day. It is a form of resentment growing and that is when more frequent arguments occur between married couples. Online marriage counseling is an option for busy couples whose jobs have them working long hours. Couples can have a comfortable location for their counseling sessions and a safe place to talk.



Someone has cheated

When infidelity happens, it might be the most hurtful and destructive thing for couples to go through. However, it doesn’t always mean the relationship is over. Counseling can help couples stay together during this tough time. Being able to speak your mind openly without turning it into an argument is the best scenario for talking about marital issues such as infidelity. It can help each person in the couple find meaning and trust again.


Neither of you are happy

Keeping everything bottled up inside is not healthy for a relationship. It’s usually the small things that pile up and then built up turning into a bigger issue. Many couples can go for a long time without addressing these issues, causing one or both to be unhappy. Counseling can provide a strong communication and common ground between couples. Solving smaller issues can help to push larger issues apart.

You don’t talk anymore

Another reason why couples should find a therapist is because they don’t talk anymore. As life gets busy, the less and less couples communicate. Being tired and frustrated with work can get in the way of asking each other how their day was or even talking about anything but children. Communication is an essential part to a functional marriage and when there isn’t any, problems begin to arise.

Something is definitely wrong

Last but not least, when you’re trying to figure out what is wrong with your marriage, but you just have no idea. Something is definitely wrong with your relationship but neither of you are sure what is and how to fix it. This would be the point in your relationship to find a therapist and make the appointment. Avoiding a problem with a relationship will not make it disappear. Addressing it sooner than later can help with the recovery process.



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