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Maternity Leave & Technology: How To Deal With Change

How Technology Has Changed Maternity Leave for Moms

Giving birth to a child – whether it is your first or not – is a remarkable, extraordinary, indescribable feeling. Certainly a very different one to how most mothers feel about returning to work once their period of maternity leave is over! While some parents make the decision not to go back, more and more women choose to do so – and for good reason too.

The digital acceleration we have seen in recent years has transformed the experience of going back to work for mothers across the globe, and largely for the better. If you are unsure about whether or how to return to work after maternity leave, then find reassurance from these three ways that technology has positively impacted that very process.

Maternity leave has changed drastically in the past year! With being able to work from home an option, here's how to deal with the change.

Consistent Communications

For good or bad, modern technologies such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and smartphones have meant that we’re only ever a text message, phone call, or video link away from our colleagues.

This has its advantages on maternity leave, as it means we’re able to easily keep in touch with our team and have a light-touch view of the projects we left behind when leaving the business in the first place.

The benefit of this increased level of consistent communication is that women returning to work face a much smoother transition, which is equally much less daunting than it might have been a decade or so ago.


Online Courses & Upskilling

Having time away from your office on maternity leave may also have allowed you to reconsider your career path. Perhaps you aren’t in the job you always thought you wanted, try something completely new in a sector that offers more flexible hours than that of the one you are working in at the moment.

Whichever it is, technology has made it possible to change your career even while on maternity leave. Instead of lounging around waiting for your baby to come, you could put your energy into an online course or ensuring that your certifications and business filings are up-to-date.

There is a multitude of companies that now offer both exam prep and licensing checks to ensure you can be the most qualified and certified practitioner in your field, ready for your return to work after maternity leave.

how technology is changing maternity leave

A New Working World

Finally, technology has likely transformed the working world you left anyway. If you are worried about a lack of flexibility and having to be in the office five days a week, then the coronavirus pandemic and the rapid digital acceleration it has brought with it may have been a blessing in disguise. It’s certainly transformed the way we will live and work for the foreseeable future.



Workplaces across the globe have changed everywhere. It has offered generous flexible working policies that will really suit young parents and allows you to work from home multiple days a week. This might allow you the time to pick up your children from school or look after your newborn yourself as opposed to having to make costly childcare arrangements.



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