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Understanding Menstrual Cups and Why They Might be Right for You

After years and years of tampons, using them can get a little tiring. Have you ever considered other options when it comes to having your period? Everyone knows the basics, tampons, pads and birth control that stops your period altogether. But have you heard of menstrual cups? Many that have heard of them, are not completely sure what they are. This article will share with you details about a menstrual cup and why it might be right for you.



Read an ebook about Menstrual Cups

Recently after reading the e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Menstrual Cups”, I learned a few things about them that I had not known before. Yes, I had heard of them and seen them, but I was not quite sure how they worked and what they were about. This book was extremely informative and had answered all my questions. Not only was it a great book to read, but it is the only book of its kind in the world! The author Jackie Bolen’s purpose of writing the book was to help women figure out which cup is right for them. Along with determining which is best for you, it provides an interesting history of menstrual cups. I was very thankful for such a detailed table of contents. I knew exactly where to go and what reasons I wanted to read about that appealed most to me.


What are they?

Menstrual Cups are bell-shaped cones made from medical-grade silicone, thermoplastics (TPE) or latex. So, if you have a latex allergy, not to worry there are others to choose from. They don’t absorb menstrual fluid like tampons, but they collect. When it is full, you take it out and empty it. Then you can put it back in. One of these cups can last four years! That’s a much better deal price-wise than tampons or pads!

menstrual cups for women

They’re better for the environment and world

Were you aware that on average a woman uses 10,000 to 18,000 tampons in their lifetime? That is an awful lot heading for the landfill since those numbers are just for one person!

Helping the Earth is a great reason to switch. Another reason is did you know that many women across the world are unable to afford tampons or pads and will miss days of work because of this? And this it not even complete poverty-stricken countries. We are talking the UK and Canada. In the UK, it was reported that more than 137,000 girls miss school every year because of this. So not only are menstrual cups helping the environment, but they can help all girls and women in all different economic statuses be successful. Luckily, there are companies out there that provide a Buy-One-Give-One deal where customers can buy a menstrual cup and one is given to someone in need.



Better for your health

One important piece of information I learned from reading this e-book was that there are a ton of toxic chemicals in major tampon brands. What type of chemicals? Chemicals from pesticides that are used to grow the cotton in them. Also, chemicals from the bleaching process during their manufacturing! We never really think about what goes into making tampons because they are something we use because we think we’re supposed to! What’s even scarier, is that these chemicals are going into your vagina which are easily absorbed into your bloodstream. Makes me think twice about using a tampon again. Apparently tampon manufacturers do not have to disclose what they are made from, so many women are unaware.


Switching saves you money

Not only are you going to be using a healthier product, but you will be saving money too! The average person spends about $2,100 on tampons in their lifetime. Whereas, using a menstrual cup, you can use one for up to 5 years, the cost would be $240. Not too shabby right?


Have a heavy period? This is for you!

Having a heavy period sucks. Going to the bathroom 5-10 times a day to change tampons or pads to make sure you’re not leaking through also sucks. On average, a regular tampon can only hold 5 ml of fluid and a super holds 10 ml. This is good until you compare it to a menstrual cup of 30 ml! There are even higher capacity ones that can get up to 40 ml! Women with heavy flows can use a high capacity cup and a cloth for nighttime sleep. So, instead of getting up every 3 hours to change your tampon, get a better sleep knowing that you are covered.


Final Thoughts

If you have not considered menstrual cups before, hopefully this has helped you understand a little more about what they are. Knowing your options as a woman can help you stay informed and make your own choices. When you do switch to menstrual cups, I highly recommend reading this e-book to guide you through how to pick out the right cup for you and how to use it. You will not only learn the how and why, but it will give you the history on the cup and some great recommendations. Although they have kind of flown under the radar, in 2018 Tampax acquired a menstrual cup called the Tampax Cup. There is a great possibility that you will now see it in advertisements soon. Get your copy now on Amazon.

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