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MilestonePod: A Smart Shoe Odometer- Ready for Running Season!


Last year I took up running in 5k races and I can tell you, I was not prepared for them. I began researching a few different products that would make my running experience more beneficial. Trying to find apps for my phone that would tell me where I was running, how many calories I was burning, how many miles, etc. I was having hard time finding the right one, because there are so many! 

I recently discovered the MilestonePod. Why did I not know about this last year during my 5k runs?! It could have tracked so much information for me and it has an amazing app for the iPhone that would have provided the information for me.

Along with this extremely details app, the best part of the MilestonePod is that you can run without having to carry around your phone to track your route, speed, etc. I looked totally silly carrying around my iPhone during a 5k run because I had no where to put it and I wanted to track my run.

Now I can be hands free while running and still track my progress. I noticed when I held my phone in my hand, not only did it make me more lazy, but I was able to see exactly the miles and it would change how I ran. With Milestone, I will be able to look at the miles/time/pace afterwards, and not be counting down every single step until I reached 1 mile!


The great thing about this app is it’s easy to use and it gives you great data. I just signed up so I have no information but I found a picture online that does:

This is a great site that will help you in how to set up the pod through your phone and on your shoe. It is extremely easy to do and took me about 5 minutes.

Some other positives about the Pod:

-The battery life is like a standard watch which lasts longer than an average pair of sneakers, about 6-8 months! That is HUGE! When you don’t have to worry about if your tracker is charged when you need it, that is such a great feeling.

-Along with tracking many miles you are running, it tracks the miles that are on your shoes.

-It connects to the Bluetooth in your phone and it has a 20 hour memory so you do not have to bring your phone with you when you are running in order for it to track.

Took 2 minutes to put on the shoe and the app, about 1 minute to set up. Super easy, user friendly product and you cannot even feel it on your shoe!!

Looking for more information on this? Click here.

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