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4 Tips to a Successful Date Night

Parents need date night.  Having a relationship with your children is one thing. Having a relationship outside of your children and home with your significant other is a whole other ball game.

Going on dates is  nothing like it was before having children.

If you someone who doesn’t live near grandparents, family or friends that will watch your kids overnight, then you know the struggle is seriously real. Trying to keep up a relationship without ever getting more than 2-3 hours alone is really hard.

This is why parents need date nights.

date night


Yes, money is tight.

Yes, you still have to parent when you come home.

Yes, they might cry and be sad that you are leaving.

But – for your own sanity and your significant others, you need some time alone together! It is important for your relationship and detrimental to your marriage. Everyone is tired and each have their own life demands at their job and the children are hanging on you every chance you get or you have after school activities that happen – but these are not good excuses for you to just stay at home with your children every singe night. One night without them, even just a few hours alone with your hubby, won’t hurt anyone.

Here are some tips to accomplishing date nights:

Try to schedule a date night once a month. 

If you can do twice a month, do it! Find a reliable babysitter and plan fun things to do with each other. They don’t need to be expensive things but try to make the most of it.

Find something fun to do.

If you don’t find something fun, then you won’t want to make this a priority in your life again. Make sure it is something that both of you want to do. If there is nothing all that fun going on in your area, just going out to dinner is always a good solution. Here are some other ideas in case you have blocked all adult fun out of your brain:

Set a budget. 

This will help ease your mind that you can afford this date night! Pick a babysitter that is reliable and affordable. Then by picking what you want to do for date night, you can set a budget on how much you should spend together. For example, if you go out to dinner, make sure the place is not over the top expensive since you are paying a babysitter as well. Or if you are going to see live music, maybe eat at a smaller restaurant before going to the live music location.

Have Fun. 

Everyone thinks this is a given, but sometimes date night falls on a day when something stressful at work had happened. Maybe the kids were super obnoxious, maybe the hubby didn’t pick up his clothes after you told him like 500 times. But no matter what the anger is, let it go for date night. This is precious time that you don’t get often, so try to let go of the negative and focus on the positive.


It is important to your marriage that you have time alone as a couple without your friends and without your children. Sometimes you forget what it’s like to be in a relationship because you are so focused on managing your children’s lives that you forget about your own. Put yourself and your husband first a few times a month.




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  1. Absolutely, thanks for the great tips! We are due for our first baby in September and I’m already thinking (among many other things :D) how to organise that very important time together in the future. In addition, I feel like those cozy home evenings with hubby would be great too!

    1. Yessss ESP when they are young that’s the most stressful time you guys NEED time. So like October try to go out at least 2x. Even if u don’t wanna leave the baby (this will happen)

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