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4 Reasons Body-Conscious Moms Need To Be Careful After Childbirth

Finally, your baby has decided to make an appearance and come out into the world. Now, you can focus on getting your body back. It may seem vain and selfish, but woman have to deal with the aftershocks of pregnancy, and one of them is weight gain. To feel confident again after childbirth, you want to hit the gym and shed the pounds as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll have a perfect life: the baby, the body, and the boy.

Going too hard too soon is a real problem for new mamas. Here are the reasons to start slow and work your way to your goals.


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Boob Changes

To keep up with your child’s appetite, your breasts will become enlarged and full of milk for breastfeeding. Moms who choose to bottle feed their babies deal with these effects too as it’s a hormonal thing. Any female in the history womanhood knows what it’s like to exercise with sore boobs. It hurt likes hell! Not only that, but it may impact milk production. If it doesn’t, then your breasts will certainly feel sore and painful and feeding your child will be like torture. Make sure you have a comfy sports bar to limit the damage.


Stomach And Back Issues

As the uterus grows, it stretches the abdominal muscles. After pregnancy, the abs can be out of shape and out of place. In scientific terms, it’s known as diastasis recti, and it’s a separation of these muscles. Apart from bulging out of the stomach and being gross, this condition can lead to severe pain when the abs contract. And, that can happen through stretching or by laughing. Unfortunately, the situation is common – you can find an abdominal separation in a small group of mom friends. Plus, it puts extra strain on the back and leads to aches and pains. Working out can cause the pain to hurt more, which is why it’s important to start with low-intensity activities.


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Vaginal Discharge

The first thing to note is it is common and nothing to worry about from a health standpoint. Of course, the idea of doing it in front of a packed gym is enough to make you die from embarrassment. Sadly, it’s happened to plenty of women in the past and will happen in the future. You can avoid mishaps with sanitary products which soak up the fluid. Otherwise, you may want to bypass the gym for four to six weeks while the lining makes its way out of your body.



Some women report a boost in energy after giving birth. For the most part, moms are tired and can hardly lift their heads after childbirth. So, the fact you are in the gym and trying to work out is a big plus. It’s important to remember that you won’t be able to hit your previous targets for a while. Instead, understand your body is recovering and needs to rest more often than before. Cut your sessions in half to avoid burnout.


Are you going back to the gym? What precautions are you going to take?


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