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Moving = Buying Furniture Frenzy



Moving is probably one of the worst things to do. Lucky for me, I have moved over 20 times in the past 15 years! For as much as I hate it, I sure like to do it a lot!

Usually when I would move, I wouldn’t actually move that far. I would move to the next town, or down the street to another apartment, but it was still considered to be a lot of moving since I always had a ton of stuff. And it never got easier! Each time I would have more and more stuff and then at the same time I would have to lose something – a couch(s) didn’t fit up the stairs (multiple times), the bed frame broke, the table was too big, the furniture didn’t fit in the room altogether. Ugh – the struggle was real.


At the same time of having to get rid of stuff and moving a ton of stuff, there was always the “I need MORE stuff!!” I would always need more decorations, or I was moving from a small apartment to a bigger one. Or leaving one roommate who had certain furniture and going to another who did not have something and we needed more.

Always, there was never the happy medium where you move and everything was totally set the next day. What a silly thing for me to hope every single time of moving, it never got easier.

Throughout my moving process (of course later on in the 20 moving times), I found a website called Furniture.com that seemed to always help me out. The best thing about this site was able to me find furniture that I wanted in the area that I lived! So instead of trying to go store to store (and furniture stores are not easy to find) or from Target, to Walmart, to Kohls, to Home Depot (ugh- gives me a headache), it lists them all right on this site. The Sales Finder makes it quick and easy for users to search for all the best local deals and furniture sales by zip code. Genius!!

It is the most comprehensive furniture website around – think of it as all things furniture! It is designed to be a one-stop shop for furniture, home decor, and mattresses from major national retailers. I remember back in the day I would go and search for a new bed at a bunch of different stores trying to find the best price. This website takes all of that effort out – amazing.

Saving time, money and stress is exactly what you need and want to hear when you know its time to move!


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