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The Best Solutions for No Streak Window Cleaning

Wiped windows without traces? Does something like this exist? Of course! You do not have to be a super housewife for that. Do not spend a lot of money on cleaning products. Moreover, the best news! You can hire the professionals at sites like http://spokanevalleywindowcleaning.com  and do not bother working at all. So yes! You can have washed glass windows with a cheap, fast and easy team to manage. Also, your home will shine.

However, if you want to do it on your own, you need to know some tricks and find out which are the best solutions that you can prepare for yourself at home. Here are the most practical methods, but also the most effective window cleaners.


Ten home-made solutions for window-cleaners

Ammonia keeps the windows shiny for a long time. For your windows to stay clean for a longer period of time, try a mixture of ammonia and dishwashing liquid. The advantage comes from depositing a protective coating on the glass surface. Here’s the dishwashing recipe. In one liter of water add a glass of ammonia and the same dose of liquid. Mix well, then clean the windows with a cloth.


Alcohol removes finger marks

If you want to get rid of unsightly fingerprints on the windows, turn to alcohol. Mix 2 cups of sanitary alcohol with 2.5 liters of water, 1/2 cup of ammonia and one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Add water again until you get 4 liters of diluted solution. Also, put a few drops of essential oils to give the window washer a pleasant smell. With this solution, you no longer have to rinse the windows after you clean them.

Potatoes take out difficult stains. If you have not had time to wash the windows lately, and the stains have become obsolete, the potato is your faithful ally. With a slice of raw potato, rub well. Please wait for a few minutes until it dries. Then remove the potato debris with diluted alcohol in the water.


Vinegar removes the limestone droplets

Kitchen or bathroom windows near the sink can be dirty with lime stains. You can get rid of them with white vinegar. Mix 2 cups of water with three tablespoons of vinegar and half a teaspoon of liquid detergent. Spray it on the glass, then wipe it with a lint-free cloth. This method of washing stained-glass windows is also handy for mirrors. However, here’s another solution with vinegar, to wash the glass of traces. Mix 3.5 liters of water with a quarter cup of white wine vinegar and one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Wash the windows with a cloth.

Grungy salt wipes the drops of fat. Cooking steam and grease or oil droplets sometimes seem impossible to remove from the windows. The same is true for dust, especially on the kitchen windows or on the balcony, which gives them a matte look. In this case, the best solution is salt. Dissolve the grungy salt in white vinegar and water and clean the windows with an abrasive sponge. You will be persuaded, once again, that it is effective for stained-free windows.


Basil oil removes mosquito stains

To get rid once and for all of the traces the mosquitos leave on the windows, the easiest way is to use basil oil. Try a blend of white vinegar and basil oil basil. Explicitly, for a large glass of vinegar, add five drops of basil oil. Vinegar will undo the dirt on the windows, and the basil aroma will keep the flies away.

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Bicarbonate removes paint stains

Moreover, you can get rid of the paint stains inexpensive and straightforward. If you were painting a room, paint might have splashed onto the window. This is extremely helpful when trying to remove the paint. Prepare a solution of 250 ml of hot water and one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate. Rub the paint stains with a cloth until you remove them.

Lemon juice

Another almost miraculous ingredient to wash stained glass is lemon. Put a spoon of lemon juice in 0.25 ml of water. Also, you get a cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly stain-free glass solution.


Organic detergent

If you want to try to create your own stainless glass cleaner, try the following recipe. Prepare a solution of 80% demineralized water and 20% hard alcohol. Add a few drops of essential oil of lemon. You will get a clean and clean glass bio-cleaner, and fragrant.

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A solution with vodka and lavender

This non-traceable glass washer is a variant of the previous one. Moreover, the recipe is just as simple. Mix a glass of vodka with a glass of water. Then add a few drops of lavender oil.

If you want your windows to shine, it’s not enough to use the best solutions. Mastering a few washing techniques is imperative. So here are some extra tricks for washing glass with no traces. Read here.

  • Remove dust. Before washing the windows, wipe the dusty layer with a cloth.
  • Use a scraper. Before you begin applying the special glazing solution, put on a scraper! Removing excess water is handy. No tool will be as useful as a flexible blade.
  • Wash with a cotton cloth or newspaper paper. To wash windows without traces, you must use a cotton cloth, dry. Alternatively, a newspaper you do not need anymore. Spray the solution on the glass and immediately wipe with the paper or a lint-free cloth. So, you will not have to delete the same place multiple times. Also, the result will be an impeccable glow.
  • Do not clean the windows when it is sunny or warm. Another secret that you should know is this. Heat predisposes windows to scratches. So the bright sunlight will keep you from seeing the stains left on the windows. Therefore, to wash the windows without traces, it is good to consider this aspect.
  • Steam cleaners. If it seems to you, whatever you do, your windows do not look impeccable, you can also use this method. Steam cleaners are lightweight, easy to use and economical. Plus, you do not need any drop of detergent with them. Quickly and effortlessly, you did not even realize when you washed the windows without traces.

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