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Our Go-To Quick Housecleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Are you a busy mother trying to balance parenthood with finding the time to clean your house? You’re not alone in trying to find the time for household chores on a busy schedule. Between taking care of your little ones and making sure you don’t go crazy, it can be hard to keep a tidy home. For busy moms who need a fast plan to get their house clean, check out our quick housecleaning tips for easy cleaning!


Plan, Plan, Plan!

The first and most important way to achieve quick cleaning is to meticulously plan it out. To accomplish one of our housecleaning tips, you have to set aside time for individual tasks . Then, you need to do your best to keep to that schedule. Keep certain tasks to specific days. For example, consider completing dusting on Mondays and sweeping on Tuesdays. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, too! No one can do it all on their own, so assign tasks when and where you can. Simple chores like picking up toys can make for a fun scavenger-hunt activity for kiddos who are eager to help mom tidy up!


Go Cordless

Every modern mother should have a cordless vacuum in their cleaning arsenal! Cordless vacuums are lightweight and more maneuverable, cutting down on the time it takes for you to bring it and put it into action. Want to take this housecleaning tip even further? To save even more time, instead of vacuuming the entire house at once, consider breaking the task into multiple days of the week that target different parts of your home. For example, tackle the most used sections of your house first followed by lesser used areas later in the week. Splitting vacuuming up like this can help save you hours on completing the task all at once!


Caddy’s Save Time

Every house should have two things: multiple storage areas for cleaning supplies and a caddy that contains most of the supplies you’ll need for big cleans. Your caddy should have cleaning rags, disinfectant wipes, a sponge, vinyl gloves, paper towels, soap/scum remover — microfiber cloths aren’t a bad idea either! While bringing a caddy with you may seem like an excessive house cleaning tip, caddies can help save time and unnecessary trips to your cleaning closet. Keeping a caddy nearby makes sure that you know where the caddy is and that it already has everything you need.

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Do Small Things Whenever Possible

Another important quick housecleaning tip is to not wait and do everything all at once. If you let things pile up, it can begin to feel like you’re fighting insurmountable odds and setting yourself up for one, intense physical activity. This house cleaning tip involves using small moments throughout your day to clean as you go. If you see clothes to add to the laundry, pick them up in passing. Put small things like the kids’ toys and belongings back where they belong as you move throughout the house. Taking the time to do small actions saves time when big cleaning days come around. Anything helps to keep cleaning from feeling too daunting.


Know When to Ask For Help

When you’re a mom, it can be tough to ask for help. As the woman your family turns to for support, strength, and comfort, it can seem like an act of weakness to admit that, just maybe, you need a little help getting everything done.

At times when life is at its most hectic, it can be helpful to hand life’s little chores over to a professional cleaning service that can take care of the dirty work (literally!) for you. Does the thought of sweeping your entire home stress you out? Can’t stand the thought of cleaning the baseboards on your own?  If the thought of completing simple, household chores is stressing you out, consider hiring a once-a-month cleaning service. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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The One-Touch Rule

The “One-Touch Rule” is potentially the most important housecleaning tip you can use. This rule is based on the principle that if you place your things where they belong the first time, you save yourself needless pick-up in the future. For example, let’s say you leave your coat draped over the couch after a hard day at work. Somewhere in the chaos of your daily routine, you realize your coat has been knocked onto the ground.

You pick it up again and set it somewhere new. This act of putting something where it doesn’t belong may save you time in the moment, but it can add to the time you spend later picking-up everything. So instead of placing your coat on the coach, you place it in the closet, where it belongs, the first time and save yourself the hassle of dealing with it later. Easy!


The Biggest Part of Quick Clean Housekeeping

These housecleaning tips can not only save you time, but they can help busy moms who are trying to balance their life, relationships, kids, and still keep the house clean. As with any big task, planning ahead is key. Gather your supplies, make a plan, and designate times for each project. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask the rest of the family for help! Cleaning house may not be fun, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to teach kids important lessons on responsibility. Keep clean and keep thrivin’, mama!


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