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9 Party Themes That Will Make Your Next Party Unforgettable

Nobody wants to go to a boring party, which is why there are many unique party ideas that you can try at your next event. Creative event themes can help you take your party to the next level by ensuring your guests have an awesome time. However, with so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to choose the best party theme that everyone will be on board with.

If you are in desperate need of some inspiration, the party theme ideas below are designed to make your next party unforgettable. Whether you are planning your kid’s birthday party or hosting a dinner party for adults, you will find something that your guests won’t stop talking about.

If you are in desperate need of some inspiration, the party theme ideas below are designed to make your next party unforgettable. Whether you are planning your kid’s birthday party or hosting a dinner party for adults, you will find something that your guests won’t stop talking about.

Tropical Beach

This theme is typically easy to achieve compared to other party themes you may encounter. There are many decorations that can help you set the tone, such as sunny scenery wallpapers, tall palm trees, tropical hats, and many other props. As a result, you will quickly transform your space into a tropical island. To make it even more exciting, you can combine these decorations with loud Caribbean music that everyone will want to dance to. You can also serve some exotic fruits and get the grill going to bring all the fun of a summer beach party to your guests.



A jungle theme party is gaining popularity, as it offers a variety of options, whether you are celebrating a birthday, throwing a baby shower, or any other fun event. To help you set the scene and plan the perfect jungle theme party, Greenvelope has put together a handy guide, which will guarantee the success of your event. You will learn how to decorate your event space, prepare jungle-inspired food options, and design stunning online invitations. It’s also easy to customize your invitations, which will make your party even more special.



Many of us have attended at least one carnival before, which makes this one of the easiest and most relatable party theme ideas you can find. To achieve a great effect, you will need to find large carnival hats, red and yellow cloth drapes, masks, and mannequins. You may also think about re-creating one of your favorite carnivals, such as a Caribbean Carnival theme or a Rio Carnival theme. As a host, you can dress up as various carnival characters, such as clowns, magicians, lion tamers, acrobats, or jugglers. You can either buy carnival costumes or get together with friends and family to create DIY costumes.


80’s Disco

80’s disco theme is a great way to bring your guests back to a decade, that is associated with some of the best pop, music, and fashion creations. Retro-themed events will inspire your guests to dance to their favorite tunes and have a night to remember. Encourage them to dress in the clothing of the 80s and create a playlist with songs that were released during this time. Also, be sure to make use of colored cocktails and make sure your place has enough space for a dance floor.

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Masquerade Ball

If you are looking for a great party theme suitable for a more formal occasion, choosing a masquerade ball theme idea may be the right idea. You can use colorful drapes, candles, gold frames, gold glitter, fairy lights, and beaded masks to add an element of mystery. Guests can come dressed up in formal wear for this theme, as you hand out glasses of champagne and a selection of appetizers. For example, you can offer strawberries that they can dip into a chocolate fountain – just don’t forget napkins to prevent any mess (you can see SimuLinen for some inspiration here). Also, it might be a good idea to add a photo booth, where your guests can take photos in their gowns and tuxedos.


Another great idea to get everyone to dress fancy is to throw a Hollywood A-list event, that is all about the glitz and glamor of ball gowns and black tie. You can turn your event into an Oscar-themed party by adding golden statues and having guests take photos against a winners backdrop. To plan a classic Hollywood night, you can find different film-themed props, such as Hollywood signs, movie cameras, movie reels, flashy lights, as well as film posters and silhouettes of your favorite celebrities.


Murder Mystery

Planning a murder mystery theme night can help you inject a bit of mystery and intrigue to your party. To start with, you can use red, white, and purple cloth drapes, along with large detective hats, a plastic cut-out murder victim, and a murder weapon. Then you can come dressed as a detective, a suspect, or even the unlucky victim, which will get your friends working together to solve the mystery by the end of the night. It might be a fun idea to re-enact your favorite series or simply host a classic who-did-it mystery. Be sure to include a story board to allow your guests to keep up with the plot.


Outdoor BBQ

For the ultimate summer fun, you can plan an outdoor BBQ theme, which works well in outdoor spaces and backyards, as well as indoor venues. You can have a campfire prop in the middle of your space with this bbq (or something similar) behind it. Be sure to include interesting garden seating options, such as deck chairs, sun loungers, hammocks, and bean bags, that will help you create a relaxed atmosphere. Barbecue-themed events can provide you with the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. When planning your design, stick with picnic-inspired decorations, including checkered tablecloths, mason jars, and daisy flowers.



People love the excitement of Vegas, so it might be a good idea to host a casino-themed party for your friends. Casino-themed props include giant dice, dollar signs, large playing tables, playing cards, and casino-inspired backdrops. Also, don’t hesitate to go with classic black, red, and white color scheme and throw in plenty of green. This will freshen up your space, as these colors usually work great with table covers, balloons, or confetti. If you want to treat your guests to a VIP experience, you may want to use a glamorous red carpet and hire a professional photographer.


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