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7 Practical Ways New Dad Can Be A Positive Influence

The key to establishing the perfect mindset to be a full-fledged dad is being proactive and open.

It is not unpopular for fathers to have a hard time trying to cope with the situation in the first few weeks or months of being a daddy. It is a new world that most first-time fathers have a hard time with and are usually not well-prepared for. 

The truth is, even when you have tried through the pregnancy period to be ready, it can still be an overwhelming role for you to take on. 

Our article is here to help make the jump from your hubby or partner role to that of a full-mode dad readied will all the necessary knowledge all the new fathers should have.

And, keep in mind that it is okay for you to have Parental Questions

The key to establishing the perfect mindset to be a full-fledged dad is being proactive and open.

Our article is here to help make the jump from your hubby or partner role to that of a full-mode dad readied will all the necessary knowledge all the new fathers should have.

7 Practical Ways New Dad Can Make A Positive Influence In The Family Home


1. Shift Your Mindset

You’ll have a hard time coming to terms with your current status and adjusting to it, especially if you do not come to terms with the inevitable fact that your life is now different.

Recalling how easier life was before the baby’s arrival and how much free time you had at your disposal could be useful but irrelevant. If you are looking to transition into the new dad role as soon as possible, try to think about the future and what you can do to be resourceful.


2. Roll Your Sleeves (Sooner rather than later)

Most new dads try to dodge doing daily duties. However, they fail to realize that this causes more harm than good. If you avoid your responsibilities you will not only be making the situation more difficult for your partner but also missing out on an opportunity to bond with your newborn.

For example, changing diapers. This could be your main duty since you can do it any time, day or night. It is basically an ongoing chore.

Do not think of it as a tiring chore but a special bonding moment for you and your baby. You can get as creative as you want with the task to keep the baby engaged and attentive to you. Some of the ways to be creative include dancing, singing, and pulling funny faces.   

new dad with baby

3. Being Compassionate Rules!

Most men have a hard time dealing with the constant non-intimacy rules. While intimacy is normal before pregnancy (and very recommended), things change fast post-pregnancy. 

A newborn changes the dynamics of every relationship and you have to keep in mind that your baby’s and partner’s needs come first.

Also, pregnancy and childbirth will change your partner’s body significantly, and it will need some time to recover. 


4. Always Keep Trying 

Your new position as a dad will come with its own set of new duties and tasks. Treat this as an opportunity for you to act as a real dad. Embrace the situation, take it head-on and try to learn as much as you can about your baby and yourself. 

Newborns usually require more time with mummy, especially due to breastfeeding. While this is not part of your duties, here is still more you can do to help with the situation. 

Tasks like:

  • Prepping baby clothes
  • Prepping baby’s bags 
  • Sterilizing the bottles 
  • Burping
  • Playtime tasks 


new dad with baby

5. Don’t Be Scared of Asking for Help 

Asking for assistance is a necessity for new dads. Unfortunately, some new dads have the “know it all” complex.

Other new dads are probably too proud to seek any assistance. Whichever the reason, seeking help regularly is an essential part of thriving parenting.

There is a possibility someone you know has experienced what you are going through at the moment and is able to give you tips or insights to make the situation manageable. 

Talk to your senior members of the family, your friends with kids, religious leaders, and members of the local community. 


6. Pause Social Life  

As a new dad, you need to spend more time with your new family at home, especially during the early days. Getting into the parenting role is a challenging process for everyone, and you need to be around to assist your partner with the basic 

For now, you can hit the pause button on your social life and events. You will just miss these events and hookups for a while and if your circle of friends loves you truly, they will understand. 


7. Keep the 1 on 1 time in Mind!

When the new baby arrives, it is pretty common for both partners to undergo significant changes both physically and intellectually. This is normal, but you also need to keep in mind that getting accustomed to the new normal does not always mean abandoning your former self.

Try to find enough time to recall all the little things you appreciated about your significant other. 

Simple stuff like rubbing their feet, running them a warm bath, or helping with the day-to-day tasks in the house will not go unnoticed.


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