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How To Prepare Your Toddler For Preschool

There is no denying the fact that starting preschool is such a big step for a kid. Parents can play a crucial role in preparing their toddlers for this new experience. Well, there are some simple strategies that you can follow to help prepare for a smooth transition.


Don’t Over Prepare:

There’s no imperative reason to begin preparing your kid for preschool months ahead of time. Some good-natured parents start discussing preschool and building it up to a long way early.  Then when school begins, kid might feel a gigantic occasion in their life, which can be overpowering . Instead, you might begin discussing preschool in an easygoing, cheery way around a little while before class begins.



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Always Make A Schedule:

Following a schedule gives children chances to settle on choices and acting capably.  Having a daily timetable can help facilitate your kid’s change to the structure of a preschool setting. Children learn the best when schedules and day by day plans are set up. Schedules give them chances to follow directions, learn sequencing, and get a sense of time. Creating a schedule makes for smoother changes. It help them to get ready for the day ahead.


Give Time to Your Kids:

Another one of the most important things is that you need to give time to your kids. You should explore the ideas of preschool with your kids. The thing to remember, don’t force them to go preschool or explain what the importance of preschool is. At this time your kids are not mature enough to totally understand all these things.

At this time, you should describe them that a preschool is like a playground. Tell them here they can make friends and play with them. This helps your kids feel comfortable at their new school. Also, prepare and talk about daily routines. For example, saying goodbye to mom and dad, singing songs and taking off your coat when arriving. Other routines you can help prepare for are what Circle Time is, reading stories, playing outside, and taking naps. All of these will help your child begin to look forward to preschool!



Read books about preschool:

There are a lot of books you can find about going to preschool. You can also share the crucial facts with your kids. Again the thing that can make your approach effective is to talk through it. Don’t tell them the facts just as a fact, but tell them as a story. It makes learning about their new adventure more exciting and enjoyable. After that, talk through with your kids about how they feel and why.



Be attentive to non-verbal messages

As much as 3-year-olds may talk, most are not yet ready to completely clarify how they are feeling or what they are stressed over. Your kid may “showcase” stress with push back. Another basic response as children take a major step ahead is to revert to prior age behavior. For instance, if your child is completely potty prepared, they may begin have potty issues. They may ask that you feed or dress him despite the fact that they could do these things independent for anyone else.


Lastly, you may also consider to hire a private home tutor who help you to manage all the things accurately and begin the preschool prep process.


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  1. I love how you state not to over prepare. I can imagine it must be daunting and especially so to a toddler starting this new experience. It can also make it so they imagine this amazing experience and if they have a rough time at first it may be hard to keep them trying.

  2. Great post! I think one of the hardest things for preschoolers about the transition is separation and how it is handled. One book/activity to consider adding to your list is the kissing hand where you leave a kiss in the child’s hand to keep while you are away.

  3. I am thinking about sending my daughter to preschool soon. I need to get her her involved in some more activities to help get her ready. She’s not great about playing with kids her own age.

  4. Talking about the routine helped with my kids and sticking to a schedule in those early days was also vital.

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