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8 Must Haves When Traveling With Your Baby

According to the Portrait of American Travelers survey, couples with children under the age of 17 who travel every year is 16 percent. 38 % of the travelers are couples while 62 percent are singles. Traveling is fun and it allows you to have some time off from the daily routine you are used. When you are alone or with an adult, traveling is very much different than when you have to carry a baby. Babies are delicate and need the at most protection to ensure their safety and comfort. Below are things you need when traveling with your baby.


Baby Carrier:

When traveling, you will need to have several stopovers for gas or get some food on the way. It may also be part of the journey to stop for sightseeing. As you stop, you should not leave your baby alone in the car. A baby carrier comes in handy to carry your baby around as you move from place to place. You can also have a stroller to make work easier and reduce the energy needed to carry the baby if you need to walk for a long distance.



Car Seat:

For an adult, the car seats are specially designed to keep you comfortable and safe once you strap the safety belt. This is however not the case when it comes to a baby. You will need to get a car seat which is specifically designed for a baby. It is small and fitted onto the seat of a car. Also it has special features that keep the baby in place and comfortable as you travel. It is supposed to be fixed in the back seat of the car.


Stroller Hook:

While traveling with your baby you need to have this stroller hook to help and make it easy for you to hang toys, small bags and shopping on your stroller. This helps on saving space and ensures easy accessibility of these items when you travel. Do not hang too many items as they may topple the stroller.


Baby Cot:

This should be a priority for you to carry when traveling with your baby. This is because they are designed for a baby to sleep on. Sleeping with a small baby on the same bed can be dangerous and is not comfortable for the baby. A baby cot keeps the baby comfortable and safe as you sleep on your bed. The good thing about the cot is that it is easily folded to occupy less storage space.


Diaper Change Kit:

Your baby will feed from time to time as you travel and after a good nap, it is only natural that your baby will poop and pee. You need to have a diaper kit to change your baby. This is not only for hygiene reasons but also for the comfort of the baby. Change your baby with ease and let the baby enjoy the journey stress-free.


Muslin Cloths:

These are for the baby. As you feed the baby or change it, you need to have a muslin cloth nearby or lay the baby on. This type of cloth is soft to the skin of the baby providing comfort and also doesn’t get stained easily. It is easy to clean hence allow you to use it without worry.



Nursing Cover:

Once in a while, the baby gets hungry and you will need to make as a stop and feed the baby. If the baby has not reached the weaning age, then you need to breastfeed him or her. A nursing cover comes in handy to ensure that you do not expose the baby or yourself as you breastfeed. It allows privacy for you and you can still view the baby as it feeds. You should also throw in some extra nursing pads for your use just in case.



A baby needs to get some fresh air every once in a while when you are traveling. As much as it gets rest and comfort when sleeping on a cot at night, it is not harmful to have the baby enjoy some fresh air in the open. Caution should be observed since a baby has delicate skin and the eyes are not strong enough for too much light in the open.

This is where the shade comes in, it allows you to keep the baby in the open and enjoy some open-air comfort. It has a cotton surface to make sure the baby is comfortable. It has a shade that protects the baby from direct sunlight. The fabric is also breathable for the baby to enjoy the cool fresh air.


Final Words

Traveling with an infant can be fun and really enjoyable for both of you. They do not need an extra ticket and you always stay close to them. However, you need to pack the necessary items the baby needs and will use when traveling. They ensure safety and comfort.


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