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The Reason Amber Teething Necklaces Should Be Baltic Ones

When I was shopping for amber teething necklaces, I saw many different ones. Some were darker than others were, and some were cheaper than others were, so I didn’t really know which one to choose. All I knew was that I wanted it to work.


With all of the different ones, I felt that I needed to research it a bit more. I turned to our trusty information king – Google. I found that there really are many different kinds of amber teething necklaces. What was most important is that there are ones that are effective, and then ones that aren’t at all.


I am so happy I didn’t waste my money!


While there are many amber beaded necklaces that work, ones made out of Baltic amber are the best. These beads are made from amber (fossilized tree resin) with a high potency of Succinic Acid. This is the all-natural treatment oil that is in the beads. When someone wears the beads against her body, the body heat releases the Succinic Acid which then seeps into the skin and into the bloodstream.


The trick to buying a quality amber necklace is to make sure the seller sources its amber from a Baltic area of the world. Lithuania is one of the best countries to get it. I looked up sellers who source their amber from that country and found https://BalticWonder.com. I was surprised that their prices weren’t high, so I decided to buy one for my baby. She had just started teething, and I was miserable.


It didn’t take long to receive the necklace. It just three days, it was in the mailbox ready for me to put it on Belle.


My first impression of it was that it was really lightweight. This was interesting to me since you would think that quality amber would be heavy.


The color was really fascinating. When I held it up to the light, the beads seem to glow.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: Information & Advice

I decided to put the necklace around Belle’s wrist because I am one of those paranoid moms. I didn’t want her to strangle herself with it. She didn’t notice it was on her wrist, so I was happy about that.


It only took a couple of days before I saw some changes in the way she was acting. She definitely wasn’t as miserable as she was before the necklace. She also didn’t have the fever, drooling or pain she had before. As the days went on, she just seemed happier and happier. It was great.


Baltic for the Win


I would say that the Baltic amber teething necklace was effective. I wouldn’t suggest getting others since you never know if the one you get will be strong enough to help. Since the research says that Baltic is the best, I’m just going to stick with that.


If you’re dealing with a moody baby because of teething, I recommend the necklace. You can of course use it on other areas of the body, such as the wrist or ankle. And you don’t have to give your baby Motrin and Tylenol all of the time. It’s really a great natural remedy that you should try.


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